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What Lawn Care Services Downriver Michigan Does

What Lawn Care Services Downriver Michigan Does

You need to know the company’s services to get the right lawn care for your property. There are several lawn cares services Downriver Michigan. So, knowing what they do exactly should be your focus. This will guide you to choose the best one that offers the required service. Also, lawn services use different tools, techniques, equipment, and schedules. However, they would promise you similar results. Some offer a wide range of packages for their clients to select from. 

Services Offer by Lawn Care Services Downriver Michigan 

Here are some common services offered by lawn care services Downriver Michigan. You may have understood these before knowing the service to hire for your property.

1. Seeding

Seeding is expensive. Many lawns in the neighbourhood gain from seeding each fall season. In this process, new seeds are used to fill up scanty areas of the lawn. The lawn service can also create a denser lawn that removes pests and weeds. Or a new specie of grass with enhanced insect and disease control may be provided. Some lawn care contractors may decide to do a limited seeding at zero cost and only charge for major projects.

2. Aeration

Several lawns benefit from a core aeration procedure at least once every 3 years. In this process, a device with about one-half-inch metal tubes is pushed over the lawn. The metal tubes dig deep several inches into the turf to get rid of plugs of turf and soil. It then leaves them on the lawn’s surface area. This activity makes the lawn get air, water, organic matter, and fertilizer into the root systems. The tubes loosen the soil allowing root growth. It also makes air and water circulate properly. The aeration process can be labor-intensive, so most lawn care services make it an add-on to their lawn care contracts. 

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3. Disease Management

Fungi are the reason behind most turf diseases. Diseases occur in lawns that are not watered properly, over-fertilized, cut too low, or for other reasons. Weather conditions can also trigger the chances of the lawn getting diseased. However, most lawns do not experience severe disease issues for longer years. Notwithstanding, most diseases that occur are self-limiting, and the damages are often done when a disease is spotted. However, many law care services seldom apply fungicides because most lawns do not benefit from the treatment, and chemicals are quite expensive. 

4. Fertilizing

To give more nutrients to your lawn to enhance its health, you need to apply fertilizer. However, this depends on the lawn’s needs. However, fall fertilizations could greatly benefit turfgrasses in the lawn. Fast-release synthetic, slow-release synthetic, and slow-release natural organic are common fertilizers for lawns. Only professional lawn services can properly use these fertilizers on your lawn. 

5. Maintenance of Soil Acidity Level

Note that excessively fertilizing your lawn can have a side effect on its acidity balance if the pH reading is not done correctly. If the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, the grass may not be able to use the nutrients. Most grasses do well when pH is between 6.5 and 7.0. Weeds can be properly controlled if the soil acidity level is properly maintained. It gives your grass a higher chance of survival than weeds. 


These services listed above are provided by professional lawn care services Downriver Michigan. However, lawn care services are not limited to these highlighted ones alone. Other services offered are weed control management, insect control, and others. All you need to do is ask the lawn service company to outline their customers’ services so you can choose what service you want for your lawn.

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