What A Roofing Contractor in Downriver Mi Should Include in their Contracts

What A Roofing Contractor Must Include In Roofing Contracts

A written agreement between two entities with legal bindings is termed as a contract. In every roofing project, whether replacement or repair, your roofing contractor must issue a contract as soon as the job is handed over to him. Without a contract, the roofing project is considered unsecured. In this article, we will consider some of the deeds that must be included in roofing contracts.

Contract Must Include The Following Deeds

  • Duration of the project: Trustworthy roofing contractor in Downriver Mi. will state the duration a roofing project will take. This should include weather inclement and impedance. The homeowner is always about the duration of the project
  • Detailed information on the project: A clear and written description of the project should be drafted. This will make the homeowner know what is going to happen when the project takes place. The customer also needs to know when the materials for the project would start coming to the site. Since a meticulous house owner wants to be sure everything will be fine, a contract would serve as a cover for both parties in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • License and Insurance: A legitimate contractor must be licensed and approved for operations within and outside the locality. Hw must be liable for any incident that happens to his workers during the project. Insurance should be able to cover his workers when necessary. The roofing contractor should have active insurance. If not, taking care of injured workers would be transferred to the homeowner. The contractor should include this in the contract
  • Warranty: Warranty would save you from spending extra on repairs. All kinds of roof damages need money to resolve. An honest roofing contractor should be able to do quality work and then ensure a genuine warranty
  • Payment: Payment information should be transparent. It should be in the contract term of payment, acknowledging the cost of the project too. Poor and unprofessional workmanship can be an excuse for non-payment. This should be implemented in the contract. If the contractor demands more than the agreed payment, you can always refer him to the contract.
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Ensure To Read And Understand A Contract Before You Sign

The most important thing about a contract is the line above your printed name. Do not sign a contract if you have never read and understood what it entails. Once you have penned down your signature, it is strong proof that you have agreed to everything in the contract. There is no going back once signed, so you have to read over and over till you are certain of what you are getting into.


When all is put in place, and the roofers are about commencing the project, you’ll feel excited about the project as the homeowner. There could be a conflict between the contractor and the homeowner when the project has many issues. It may look like the work has been done perfectly, but you may discover that your expectations have not been met if you make a proper inspection. So having your contract and the deeds will make you point the contractor back to the board.