Ways to Check Your Windows for Signs of Damages


The durability of your window is dependent on the care you give to it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that your window will automatically last forever. It only means you stand the chance of enjoying it better than you should. Detecting damages in your window is possible through some easy steps which don’t necessarily require the attention of a professional window contractor. Listed below are the things you need to know and check to detect any damage requiring urgent or future attention in your window.

Check for signs of worn weather-stripping

When windows start getting old, it gradually starts wearing out and deteriorating. This means it will get to a certain point, and it will become completely worn out. Waiting for this to happen is not always the best because weather-stripping is crucial for draft and heat loss prevention.

If you are using a slider and hung window, it is important to always check for signs of worn weather-stripping during your windows inspection. The good thing about the new version of the windows that we have today is the fact that they come with a peel and stick weather-stripping that you can easily replace without the help of anyone.

Inspect the caulking around the window

When carrying out this inspection, all you need to do is check for broken and missing caulking. Detecting it is easy because it allows water and wind to easily penetrate and cause severe damages to some objects in the house. Caulking is essential because it acts as a wall of defense against the penetration. It is advisable to take fast action once you notice any problem with caulking.

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Sealed unit failure check

Aside from the ugly look that accompanies a cracked glass pane, other things are not usually visible to the eyes, especially if the glass panes are put together in a sealed unit. It means there could be gas between the glass panes to make it more efficient and serve better.

Whenever it cracks, there is a high chance that it gets affected to the extent of losing its ability to prevent heat loss and the entrance of unnecessary air into the house. If you don’t intend to start having energy issues, it is important to consider immediate replacement.

Interior air humidity check

At some point in the day, whenever you check your window, you always notice signs of condensation formed on it due to the warm air that contains moisture more than cold air. This is normal, but it has its side effects. This condensed air can continuously find its way into the wood component of a window and cause it to start rotting.

This would create severe damage to the window, except you take steps against it. In some cases, people use dehumidifiers to prevent this action in their homes, while some other people result in lowering the thermostat to some degree or increasing the ventilation of the house to a significant extent.