Useful Ways To Identify A Storm Chasing Roofing Contractor


The seasons of the year are never the same. It comes with different situations both the good part and the disastrous part, which we always try to avoid as much as possible. Multiple storms still have a way of putting several homeowners in the corner of desperation. This is the period when there is a higher tendency of falling victim of a storm chasing roofing contractor. The reason being that this is the perfect time that they do come around to approach people for roofing jobs. The bitter truth is that several people become a victim of the nightmare, even before realizing it. Read along and learn how to quickly identify a storm chaser when you see one and how to avoid them.


When things get ugly during this season, there is always a rush in your heart to get things fixed. It increases, especially when the roof is allowing other things to get destroyed in the house. You desperately want a roofing contractor so bad that you forget to go through the necessary procedure to find one. If you must avoid being a victim, then you need to learn how to control your desire and desperation.

Check for obvious signs

There are several visible signs that alert homeowners about the disaster that might come upon them when they choose a particular roofing contractor. Nevertheless, something painful about it is the fact that they are the signs they choose to ignore. One such sign is the presence of out-of-state tags on the roofer or roofing contractors truck. The vehicle has a high tendency of being registered somewhere else, which is proof that the contractor isn’t a local. He is only in town to get roofing job and disappear once the storm is over.

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Before you get yourself into a trap, you might not be able to escape. Be smart to try finding out details about the roofing contractor’s office location. If the contractor is claiming he/she doesn’t stay around but would be back for further mending when required, that might be a sign of disaster approaching faster with great speed. You may never get to see the contractor again after he has obtained the money he/she wants from you.


If the roofing contractor is claiming out of state and you find yourself in a situation that demands urgent fixing of your roof, ask the roofing contractor for current certificates of workman’s compensation and liability insurance. This is for your own benefit, so don’t fail to ask. If he/she has nothing to show you, then you should try getting another person for the job to avoid disaster.

Understand that roofing insurance is expensive

Because this isn’t something, you can get with some pocket change. There is a very high tendency that roofing contractors might want to cut corners to get one. Before you let any roofing contractor come close to your roof, be smart to always ask for evidence of dated insurance. If none is available, then you are with the wrong person.