Understanding Why Your Roofing Contractor Needs an Insurance Claim Expert

Understanding Why Your Roofing Contractor Needs an Insurance Claim Expert

Roofing business is a lucrative one, but before you can call yourself a professional roofing contractor, there are some requirements you need to possess. When we talk about insurance, it is a difficult subject for anyone to navigate. To begin with, there are is different kinds of insurance claims that one needs to worry about:

1. Property Insurance

2. Fire Insurance

3. Personal Insurance or Life Insurance

4. Liability Insurance

5. Marine Insurance

6. Social Insurance

7. Guarantee Insurance

The list keeps going on, and this might get a contractor worried. There are other strange ones like kidnapping insurance, body parts insurance, and even wedding insurance. With this long list of insurance, the main two that a roofing contractor should focus on is homeowner’s insurance and commercial property insurance. Of course, some roofing contractors in Gibraltar Mi. concentrate on either residential or commercial insurance, but most contractors deal with the two. 

Claims Means Money to Every Roofing Contractor

With any insurance comes a claim. Intelligent homeowners or commercial property holders would file a claim for any damage such as ice damage, power surges, water damage, lightning strikes, hail, fallen trees, and wind. Notwithstanding, so many homeowners don’t know what damage to search for, even on their roof.

To make things worse, many roofers don’t know what to look for. On a serious note, roofs are expensive, and a roof replacement or repair at times is challenging to pay entirely from one’s purse. If your roofing contractor is ignorant about what to look for, a storm damage insurance claim could be skipped too, plus the right to pay for a reroof.

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Claim Experts Are Necessary for Every Roofing Contractor both Residential and Commercial

There is potential cash hanging around, and this is a great reason why every roofer requires an insurance claim expert. Adjusters would severally deny these claims. However, when a roofing contractor makes use of an insurance claim expert, the adjuster can be made to see the difference between accepting or denying the claim. Insurance claims are not only beneficial to the roofer.

The homeowner also benefits from an insurance claim. When an insurance claim is filed and accepted by the adjuster, the homeowner is given a low deductible, and they will get to have their roofs fixed even when the money to process it is not available.

Credibility as a Roofer

As a roofer, bringing in experts to check roofing damages and file insurance claims is not only beneficial to a current roofing project but also with other projects along the line. Homeowners would love to refer the service such roofing contractors to friends and family. With this, more projects can come in for the contractor, whether in residential or commercial roofing. 


As a homeowner, you may want to ask your roofer if he knows much about insurance claims or work with an insurance claim expert. More so, it is recommended that every certified roofer in Gibraltar Michigan has an insurance claim expert as part of their team. The benefits of having a good insurance claim professional are unlimited. Save yourself the extra cost of fixing damages caused by different elements by using a contractor that is insurance claim oriented.