Understanding The Differences Between Roof Inspection and Free Roof Estimate Trenton Michigan

Understanding The Differences Between Roof Inspection and Free Roof Estimate Trenton Michigan

Getting a free estimate is lovely. However, do you know the difference between roof inspection and free roof estimate Trenton Michigan? Roofing inspection is beyond having a roofer look at your roof for some minutes and stretch a quote on the amount it would take you to make a repair or replacement.

A roofing contractor that comes to give you an estimate is only concerned with the obvious damages to both of you. The hidden ones remain uncovered until a proper roof inspection is done. Roof estimate is only a scratch on the surface, while roof inspection means checking thoroughly beyond what the eyes can see. 

Understanding Free Roof Estimate Trenton Michigan

Roof estimates, most times, are free services offered by roofing contractors Trenton Michigan. It entails the estimated amount to carry out a roof replacement or repair. In this situation, a roofer comes to see the property, evaluate the roof and quote the price for you.

During the free estimate check, the roofer may climb up to see the roof but not there to inspect issues with the roof. One thing is that the prices on the quote may eventually be changed if the roofer discovers any other issue with the roof. 

Understanding Roof Inspection

When you are not sure of the present condition of your roofing system, then it is best to call for a roof inspection. A roof inspector will inspect your roof and tell you more details about your roof condition. The roof inspector will thoroughly check every part of the roofing system during an inspection.

Home insurance companies or paid roofing contractors are best for roof inspections. All inspections are not done the same way. Some are more in dept. The main goal of roofing inspections is to detect hidden issues with your home roofing system. 

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Knowing When You Need a Free Estimate or Inspection

How do homeowners know when to call for free estimates or inspections? Calling for either of these depends on what you observed and your goal. For example, if you desire to keep your home insurance intact, you would need regular maintenance.

A roof inspection is a fundamental part of roof maintenance. However, if there is obvious damage that needs to be fixed, you need to call a roofer for an estimate. Then, when the repair gets done, you can make a claim to your insurance company. 

How Often Can Homeowners Call for Roof Inspection?

Having your roof inspection done every 3 years is great. However, it can be done every other year. During Springs and Falls, thorough inspections should be carried out. This will enable your roof to withstand the coming harsh weather. Note that free estimates do not count as preventive measures. Only inspections do.


Of course, with free estimates, you can get the best quote for a roofing project. However, it is advised that homeowners should not buy into the idea of free estimates all the time. Cunning roofers could deceive you into believing your roof needs more work than necessary. Also, free inspections cannot be trusted and might mean nothing to your insurance company. A free inspection is indirectly a free estimate. Do not be deceived. Work with reliable local roofers for your free estimates Trenton Michigan.