Unanticipated Threats of Leaky Roofs in A Residential Home

Unanticipated Threats of Leaky Roofs in A Residential Home

Water damage is a big challenge. Residential homeowners should look out for leaky roofs before they turn out to damage the entire roof and call for replacement. Many home-related issues can be delayed, but a leaky roof is one of the highest on the list when it comes to home maintenance issues. Storm damage, amateur roof installation, and improper maintenance could result in leaky roofs.

Also, when the roof is old, a leaky roof could be a sign for full roof replacement. Note the lifespan of a roof can be between 20 to 30 years. A minor leaky roof can become a severe condition for all the inhabitants of that home. Furthermore, leaky roofs can put one’s health and safety at risk. These are some other unnoticed threats that a leaky roof can result in for residential homeowners.

Unnecessary loss of energy and increased utility Bill By Leaky Roofs

One may tend to lose more energy than usual when a leaky roof is experienced. This can lead to high utility bills, which are unforeseen hazards of leaky roofs. It takes a long time for the roof to dry well when the insulation is soaked with water. The home may lose fresh and hot air when there is a leaky roof. This condition leads to higher utility bills.

Internal mildew and mold conditions

Mildew and mold growth are some of the severe outcomes of a leaky roof. The worst is, it can journey from the roof down to the HVAC system from where it gets spread to the entire house via the vents. This mildew and mold smell can stick to your carpet and clothing. Severe water intrusion can lead to the growth of black mold. Mold is expensive to get rid of. Also, it can attack the ceiling tiles, floor covering, wall, etc.

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Serious health issue causes by mold and mildew

Aside from the fact that mold and mildew affect some part of the construction, it is hazardous to health. Individuals with high-level sensitivity such as rhinitis, nasal congestion, and asthma can be affected by serious illness triggered by mold or mildew. Severe health issues and asthmatic signs start becoming frequent when the production of mold spores continues.

Fire outbreak from water damage

A residence can face a higher risk of fire outbreak from the shorted wire when the roof is leaky, and the electrical wiring is located at the attic or ceiling. In this case, a professional roofer in Wyandotte, Mi should be invited for immediate intervention.

Deterioration of the structure leaky Roofs

One of the tragic consequences of a leaking roof is the damage it causes to the structure – ranging from the destruction of the building’s rafters, wall framing to ceiling joists, fascia boards, and the rest, its damages are unpredictable and limitless. It can also weaken wood used for roofing. This could lead to serious damage and property loss if proper action is not taken.

A professional roofing contractor is needed in this case. In conclusion, a leaking roof can peel off your wall paint, buckled wall cover, and wrecked ceiling. Damage to your beautifully erected structure is unavoidable if your leaky roof is not put under control.

Water could get into the house and destroy your electronics if your ceiling eventually collapses. Don’t treat a leaking roof with levity. Call on your roofing contractor immediately once your building is affected to save your home, properties, and lives.