Truth About What Damages Your Roof and What Doesn’t

Truth About What Damages Your Roof and What Doesn’t

You environment experience several conditions on a different scale that has a profound effect on your roof. This means you have to do everything possible to put your roof in the best position that would enable it to survive extreme weather conditions before the time comes.

The best way to do this is always to check/inspect your roof regularly and take actions against all forms of potential damages before they turn out to be significant issues. Something that should also be treated with high importance is the type of roofer or roofing contractor you choose to help you with the inspection and maintenance process.

A wrong choice of roofer or roofing contractor will only frustrate your effort because, at the end of it, you will still have to face the terrible situation you have been trying so hard to avoid. Nevertheless, I would like to reveal to you some of the things you must have been thinking has adverse effects on your roof but doesn’t affect the roof in any significant way because roofs are constructed to withstand them.


Rain is not something that should bring any harm to your roof except in the cases or situation where your roof has been giving signs of wears which you might not have noticed or which you have been continuously ignoring because you term it as insignificant.

An example is a situation where the bonds between your shingles have started cracking. This would give room for the rain to easily penetrate the space and cause expansion. This process would provide room for the moisture to contribute to the breakdown of the underlayment that would, in turn, result in leakage.

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You probably might be thinking this situation is only applicable to shingles, but that is a very wrong thought because tile roofs also suffer the same fate just as shingles if allowed to undergo the same condition.


Whenever the word wind is heard, almost everyone would think of nothing but great damage or destruction which would leave everyone in a great shock. It will be surprising for you to know that you are the determinant of what wind can do to your roof.

If your roof is installed correctly by a roofer or reputable roofing contractor, it would be able to stand against every strong wind, and if you also ensure proper maintenance of your roof, you would have little or no worries.

Nevertheless, every roof has a lifespan, and maintenance would only enable it to reach that lifespan or exceed it a little before it starts giving severe problems that can only be solved through roof replacement. Once your roof starts approaching that stage, almost every strong wind would have a substantial effect on it.

A strong wind can cause the shingles and tiles of a roof that is not installed correctly or a roof that is already aging to start losing. The most vulnerable of them all is the clay and stone tiles they can break easily when the wind becomes unbearable.