Top-ranked replacement windows in Michigan


Windows are an important part of our homes and businesses, yet they often get overlooked when we’re planning home remodeling projects. There are many reasons why they’re forgotten, but the truth is, outdated doors, damaged siding and leaking roofs usually take precedence in the order of things. Windows serve many useful purposes, though, besides just looking modern and stylish. The right windows can add value to your property, and here are a few examples of how:

  • Energy-efficient windows help maximize natural heat and sunlight and are environmentally-friendly.
  • Replacement windows eliminate drafts and leaks, thus lowering you’re heating and cooling bills.
  • Newer, sturdier windows add stronger protection against elements such as rain, ice, snow, and hail.

Whether your home is located in Riverview, Wyandotte, Ann Arbor or Plymouth, it makes sense to look for top-ranked replacement windows in Michigan. You want to find a company that is insured and reliable, as well as friendly and licensed to install and replace your current windows. In addition to searching for building contractors that are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and are referred to you through good friends or family members, you can also visit Michigan Home Improvement. This useful site covers a wide variety of topics including where to find the best ranked windows installation in Downriver MI.

New choices to think about

 Maybe your windows are over 15 or 20 years old, cracked and deteriorating. If so, you probably don’t know what’s available on the market. You might be surprised to learn there are many new varieties out there – they aren’t just one size fits all anymore. Styles such as replacement double hung windows, bay windows, and casement windows are just a few of the options you can choose from. Other types include vinyl, awning, sliding and custom windows, depending on your needs, personal style and budget. Have you ever heard of Energy Star Replacement Windows? Energy star certified windows are endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. When you see the blue and white “Energy Star” logo on a product that means it’s an energy saver and climate protector. This program was started in 1992 to encourage home and business owners to use products that are energy conscious and efficient. It’s been estimated that since its launch, this program has helped people save over $360 billion dollars on energy bills and reduce more than 2.5 tons of gases in greenhouses. If saving money and the environment appeals to you, you might want to ask about windows that endorsed by this valuable program.

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Let the light in

 Many companies that offer replacement windows or windows installation offer free inspections and quotations, as well as warrantees. Take a look at your windows right now.  Are any of them cracked or grimy looking? On a sunny day, do they let natural sunlight in? On cold days, do they keep chilly air out? If you’re considering replacement windows in Ann Arbor, Downriver or Plymouth Michigan, you’ll soon be on your way to fresh air, gentle sun and warmer windows, not to mention cooler summers. Home improvement jobs can be lots of fun to plan, from replacing old plumbing and gutters to new siding and drywall. Licensed building contractors can help you with insurance claims if your home was damaged and qualifies for a reimbursement for new windows installation. Insurance paperwork can be confusing, that’s why it’s best to consult a company that’s familiar with homeowner’s claims. Don’t settle for windows that are broken, cracked, leaky, drafty or just plain ugly. Seek professional advice, and hiring a knowledgeable contractor. You’ll find they will work with your financial situation, too. Some offer six months same as cash deals and other financing options, all you have to do is ask.  Replacing or installing new windows yourself isn’t the wisest idea, unless you are a fully licensed and insured contractor qualified to do so. It’s best to hire a family-owned operation that can provide you with references as well as a current website and active social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.  Once you’ve made the decision and have new windows installed, you will immediately notice how much quieter your home is. Take advantage of free home and window inspections, and sit down with a contractor to discuss price, permits and any other concerns you may have. If they aren’t the friendliest, most reliable company in your city, find one that’s the best in your neighborhood. Above all, don’t experiment with an amateur that isn’t licensed. By doing so you could damage your property and lose a lot of your hard-earned money.