Things You Do That Proves You Are An Amateur Roofing Contractor


There are several things involved in being a roofing contractor. There are things you do that either make people believe in your ability or lose faith in your competence. Let’s check some of the common mistakes you can possibly make as a roofing contractor that shows your clients you lack enough experience on the job

Wrong choice of tools

The world has changed. With the availability of several platforms like YouTube, there is almost nothing people can’t learn how to do by themselves without the help or supervision of anyone. Sometimes when you get invited to fix a roof, it is important to understand that the person might not be doing it by himself not because he can’t but because he/she does not have the right tool to get the job done.

If you end up using a wrong tool for the job, then you are no different from the person who is not a professional roofer or roofing contractor. He/she might end up thinking inviting you for the job is a terrible mistake because he or she could have done it better than you did.


Aside from the common roofing problems such as leakage, there are lots of other things that can possibly go wrong with a roof. If you are invited for an inspection or to solve a problem which is giving the owner of the house a great concern, you shouldn’t make assumptions without efforts to detect the problem.

The reason behind this advice is because you might end up saying something contrary to the original problem. This will have a terrible effect on your reputation. The client won’t only see you as an amateur but will eventually wonder how you got your license in the first place.

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Imperfect fixing

The reason you are called to fix the roof or carry out a repair is that you are trusted to do a perfect job. The client has faith in you and expects the best would come out of your action. If for example you fix a shingle and it comes out just a few days after you did the job, you haven’t only announced yourself as an amateur but as an incompetent roofing contractor. Correcting this impression might take decades or even be impossible. In a case like this, you can only pray the client doesn’t start talking to other people about the terrible work you did.