Things to Know About Roof Ventilation and its Installation

Roof ventilation is essential. If a roof is built and no air intake as well as exhaust vents, it is possible for the sun’s heat to cause warm air buildup in the attic. This heat could circulate to other areas of the building which can result in awful indoor conditions during the summer. Moreover, if proper venting is not done, moisture in the attic can cause severe issues down the line.

Besides that, if venting is not done correctly, the roof decking and shingles could suffer and deteriorate quick. With the heat that radiates, the cooling and air conditioning units will overwork to maintain a good temperature and keep the house cool; thus, the electricity bill will significantly increase.

Things to Know about Vent and Its Function

The ventilation system has its great role to play in the integrity of the roofing system. Its function and benefits cannot be overrated. Roof ventilation allows air to circulate freely around the roofing system. It enhances cool temperature in the house by disallowing moisture and heat from transferring out of the roof.

When it comes to ventilation, many elements are systematically placed for optimal function. Natural and mechanical are the two different ways of achieving air movement. Mechanical vent systems make use of the electrical motors, and the natural one is driven by wind effect or by their stack.

Most people prefer mechanical systems. They considered it to be the most effective system since it has the power to transfer cold air in and carry out hotness perfectly. The mechanical vent is the use of machines like air conditional and fan to cool the temperature. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages associated with this type of venting system. Some fans need 100W of electricity or more to function properly. However, this could significantly increase the electricity bill you pay.

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Besides that, installation is always complicated, and the service professional will be needed. Though there are solar powered fans which allow off-grid operation, but they are a bit expensive.

Ventilation Your House Needed?

A house that is well ventilated will undoubtedly pay less electricity bills during the summer than the one with ventilation problem. Sending out hot air will not merely keep the home cool but will likewise protect the roofing system from moisture that can cause damages.

Many homeowners don’t know the amount of ventilation needed for their house. However, it is good to know the amount of ventilation perfect for your home; this is to make sure that there is enough airflow in your attic to keep the temperature cool. Knowing the amount of ventilation needed for the attic of the house is easy. Normally, 1 vent is of 1 square foot in size would be needed for all 150 square feet. For example, if your attic is of approximately 450 square feet of space, you would need at least 3 roof vents to be install. According to research, the recommended vents allocation is at 60 and 40 percent. The 60 percent vents would be for the soffit area, and there should be 2 soffit vents installed, while the 40percent would be for a ridge vent.

However, the climate condition of your area could determine the type of ventilation that is good for your house.  Your choice can also determine the type that will be install.


Having exposed what ventilation entails and what determined the type of ventilation needed for your house, it is good to decide and plan for it be you get started properly.

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Conclusively, if you have not decided, or probably you don’t know much about ventilation, you should consult professional roofing contractors near you to make the best plan.

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