The Untold Truth About Home Warranty in Macomb County MI

Most people have been in the dark about what their home warranty covers, especially when it comes to the issue of roofing. The reason for this confusion and question seeking an answer is because regardless of the type of roof you choose to use, the weather condition of your area in Macomb County MI will hurt it which would cause a gradual degradation and reduction in lifespan.

Whenever these damages take place, there is only one possible solution, and that is a replacement. Nevertheless, the damages are not limited to the roof because it affects the house too.

Knowing the fact that both roof repair and replacement in Macomb County MI would cost you a fortune, you might want to consider reading your insurance policy once again. It will shock you to find out secrets that would liberate your wallet from becoming empty.

Check the Policy

Either you purchase the home warranty, or it was included in the documents given to you after buying a new home. You need to carefully read/study the details to understand what it covers. If you are finding it difficult to do it all by yourself, then you need to consider putting a call through to the insurance customer care services to find out if the policy covers your roof replacement.

Something you shouldn’t get wrong about these policies is the fact that basic home warranties generally do not cover roof replacement you may need to add some specific policy to it to increase what it covers.

Home Protection

The fact that the policy covers roof replacement does not mean there are no terms and conditions attached to it. Even when your home warranties cover roof replacement or possibly a repair, it usually has an addendum that denies the coverage of preexisting problems. This means you cannot be careless about your roof maintenance because if the roof is found to be aging and experiencing some problems already before any event like tree damage after the insurance was issued to you, there won’t be any reward.

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Claim Filing

It is easier to get your insurance to work for you correctly if you can get things done faster before it gets out of hand. Once you start noticing that you have a leak in your roof or you are suspecting that some problems are already arising with your roof, it will be best for you to contact your home warranty provider without delay. The primary reason is that substantial damages start from smaller ones. Once you notice any of them, save your roof and some part of your home from rot by contacting the home warranty provider to help you with your claim. Don’t forget you would need the help of a professional or a reputable roofing company to help you inspect and estimate the amount of money that would be required for the repair.

Even though you have an insurance policy or warranty to ease the burden of spending money on repair and replacement of your roof, it would be wise of you to keep things within the range of repair than to let it get to the level of replacing.