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The Three Types of Contracts for Commercial Snow Plowing Downriver MI.

The Three Types of Contracts for Commercial Snow Plowing Downriver MI.

Now is the time to book a snow removal service for the next winter season. Consider these three types of contracts for commercial snow plowing Downriver MI. Should a person pay “per push” every time their property needs to be plowed due to a snowstorm? Is a seasonal contract a better approach to finance and keep their parking lots and walkways clear and safe?

3 Types of Contract for Commercial Snow Plowing

1. Pay-Per-Event

This contract is for those who want to pay for snow removal if and when it snows. These clients are not billed if there is no snow. However, personnel will be dispatched to handle the snow if it snows. Usually, two inches of snow is when personnel is dispatched. 

The per-push cost is based on the depth of the snow. For 2-4 inches, 4-6 inches, and 6-8 inches of snow, there is a charge “per push.” That’s because clearing 6 inches of snow from a shop parking lot will take a lot longer than clearing 2 inches.

Retail property managers are frequently the clients that choose a per-push contract. They appreciate the service is presented in an “itemized” manner, with a monthly tab of snow events and servicing times.

2. Contract for A Period

This comes next in the three contracts for commercial snow plowing Downriver Mi. Seasonal contracts include monthly fixed pricing for snow services and are valid for three years during five winter months. A multi-year contract provides the best value to clients.

A seasonal contract is ideal for budget-conscious clients who recognize that the team will be on the property to plow snow once accumulation is 2 inches.

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3. Full-Service Contract for the Season

There is no room for error regarding snow and ice management with high-risk and regularly trafficked properties. They require clear parking spaces and walkways throughout the winter, regardless of the weather. They necessitate action before, during, and after a storm.

This entails using the proper equipment and supplies and assigning trained and experienced staff who perform zero-tolerance snow and ice removal for these clients, which frequently include corporate premises and hospitals/healthcare facilities.

These customers should be able to see their pavement throughout the year. That means pre-treating before winter storms and maximizing the results of snow removal using our revolutionary ice-melting products. In addition, these property owners know they’re covered with this full-service contract, a 2 to 3-year agreement, whether the weather calls for snow, hail, or below-freezing temps where ice is a worry (and fatal slip-and-fall accidents).

This is the most reliable contract. These are dedicated management to the property, and service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assure the site’s safety. 


Having gone through the three types of contracts for commercial snow plowing Downriver MI., one understands that planning a budget for snow removal services takes time, and some clients prefer to pay a flat fee while others prefer to pay per snow event. It makes no difference what form of contract is chosen. What is important is to make sure the person clearing the snow is qualified, competent, and ready.