The Most Common Mistakes that Residential Roofing Companies Would Not Tell You About

The Most Common Mistakes that Residential Roofing Companies Would Not Tell You About

One out of many reasons that homeowners prefer to call in residential roofing companies for their roofing construction needs is because they rely on their expertise for the neatest and most professional roofing job that would stand the true test of time. However, there are times when some of these professionals make some blatant mistakes that cost the homeowner more in terms of repairs in the very near future. 

Having an idea of these mistakes would help with your supervisory job as a homeowner who has an expectation from roofing specialists in Canton, MI. A few of the most common mistakes that residential roofing companies make include: 

Mismatched Roofing Shingles

You would not expect a professional roofing contractor to make this sort of error, but there are times when mismatched roofing shingles occur in the execution of the job of a roofing specialist. In most instances, the reason for this is that the roofing contractor makes use of different dealers and gets numerous supplies from numerous roofing material contractors. 

The best way to avoid this sort of error is to ensure that the roofing contractor purchases roofing supplies from a single distributor that buys from a single manufacturer. 

Mounting Shingles Over Each Other

There are some jurisdictions where this is considered a crime. The reason is that if you had to check in on the reason for most roofing fallouts, it is because new shingles are placed atop old ones. 

Asides from the legality of mounting shingles over each other, it is also worthy of mention to state that the weight of a new shingle over the old one can be too much for the roofing deck to carry, and this could create more complications in the very near future. Also, mounting new shingles over old ones would prevent the roofing contractor from being able to inspect the deck of the home for any form of weakness or lapses that need to be worked upon. 

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Conversely, there are instances when some property’s roofing systems allow for the mounting of new shingles over old ones. Before this is done, the deck of such a property would have to be tested, and the number of layers already in place would have to be checked. 

The Incorrect Use of Roofing Nails

Roofing systems that make use of nails have designated guidelines with how they are installed. In the event that you as a homeowner have insured his home and then there is an unforeseen eventuality that warrants that you get indemnified by your insurance company, there are some instances where not following the roofing nails guidelines could counter your claims for getting indemnified. Examples include shorter nails, not using enough nails amongst many others.

Not following the nail guidelines puts your home’s roofing in harm’s way, and it can be corrected if you are familiar with these guidelines.