The Many Things Your Canton MI Roofing Contractors Can Do for You

The Many Things Your Canton MI Roofing Contractors Can Do for You

Everyone knows to call the local roofing contractors when your roof needs repair or reinstallation.  But what else can your local Canton roofers do for you throughout the year? Most people don’t realize the many other roofing services that they can benefit from. Roofing contractors see the big picture when it comes to roof care and can help you with everything from roof shoveling in the winter to installing skylights in the summer.

If your roof needs care, you’re planning a renovation, or you’re preparing the house for presentation, your local Canton MI roofing contractors can help. Every homeowner should know the full scope of roofing services available. Know when to save time, when to eschew worrying about DIY, and never leave a roofing task undone.

Today, we’re here to spotlight the many roofing services we offer.

Roof Inspections

To take good care of your roof, you need to know it’s condition. Here in Michigan, that can change from month to month, even week to week during storm seasons. An inspection every year before the first snow is a smart move – ensuring you have no lurking roof concerns that will become problems over the winter. 

Homeowners may also have reason to get a roof inspection after a powerful storm. If you heard the wind whipping or a branch falling on your roof, an inspection can tell you if there is any damage that needs repair.

Canton residents should feel ready to call for a roof inspection any time it seems appropriate. It’s always better to know if your roof is in good condition than to miss a repair and face a leak or worse in the near future.

Roof Installation

Every community needs roof installations. As the community expands, new neighborhoods and homes are built, and each needs a new roof. Even more so, every home over 15 years old will soon need the old roof replaced with a new roof installation. Whether you need an entire roof, a roof section, or to roof a new home expansion, your Canton roofing contractors can help.

New Homes and Out Buildings

Big or small, a new structure needs a new roof. Here in Canton, MI, that roof should be professional quality and prepared to stand sturdily through winter snows and spring storms. If you are building a new home or adding a shed, clubhouse, poolhouse, or covered deck to our yard design, we will gladly build you a new roof to go with it.

Roof Reinstallation

Every 15-30 years, your home needs a new roof installed. Singles, timbers, and underlayment boards do not last forever. The lifespan of your roof is defined primarily by the shingles, but care for the wood structure underneath is also essential. First the old shingles are removed and dropped into a nearby container for the purpose. Then the structure and underlayment are inspected and new structure is installed if necessary.

With the structure ready, a freshly unpackaged double-surface of roofing shingles are layered onto your roof. With modern shingle materials and design, your new roof is more likely to last between 20-35 years before the next wear-and-tear reinstallation.

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Home Renovations and Additions

Building onto your home or significantly changing th home design can also impact your roof. If you want to add new sections of roof or change your current roof design, get your Canton, MI roofing contractors involved in the project. We will happily help you choose the best new roofing for the remodel, then work with your general contractors to help your project come together.

Roof Repairs

Roofs are rated to last between fifteen and thirty years, but every roof takes damage over time. The local weather, serious storms, and rooftop activities alike all contribute to the wear and tear of your roof. Damaged shingles can be replaced. Rotted boards can be patched or rebuilt. Separated flashing can be reinstalled and sealed.

Shingle Replacement

Asphalt composite shingles, wood shake, and tile can all be replaced in patches as part of roofing repairs. Any localized damage or leaks can be fixed with a patch of replacement shingles. Whether your roof is windblown, marked with hail, or softened from moisture, shingle replacement is often the fastest and most effective roofing repair.

Structural Reinforcement

Canton roofing contractors will inspect your roof structure inside the attic and across the roof. If there are any structural concerns like rotted beams or soft underlayment boards, we can provide reinforcement. Then we can schedule your next serious roofing repair work to replace weakened structural elements.

Flashing Reinstallation

Flashing is the sealing metal sheath around your vents and chimneys. It is also used on skylights and dormer windows. If flashing comes loose, it can cause leaks and worse. Roofers are experienced in flashing and can reseal existing flashing or install new flashing that is properly sealed if leaks occur.

Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters are also an important part of your roof design. Most people don’t realize that their local roofing contractors perform a variety of gutter-related services. If you need your gutters seasonally cleaned or cleared of heavy objects, if you need gutter guards installed or if your gutters need to be reattached, your local roofers can take care of it all.

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Most homes need their gutters cleaned at least once a year, and most homeowners don’t have the time, tools or expertise to do the task. Roofers are concerned with gutters because they are a part of the roof structure, so it’s only natural that we also offer professional gutter cleaning year-round. Whether your gutters are full of leaves, fallen tree nuts, birds nests, or ice dams, we can help. We’ll also fix and maintain your gutters along the way.

Gutter Installation or Reinstallation

If your home needs new gutters or a replacement of old gutters, we can help. Gutters must be attached expertly to the eaves of the house. Doing this securely and safely in a way that doesn’t damage the roof takes a practiced hand. Your local Canton roofers would be glad to take care of your gutter installation, reinstallation, and detachment repairs.

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Gutter Repairs

Damaged, dented, and wind-separated gutters are also something we can help with. Roofing contractors are experienced at getting gutters back into shape and channeling rooftop water the way they’re supposed to.

Gutter Upgrades

Lastly, roofers know exactly what your gutters need to require less maintenance in the future. Gutter guards, well-designed corner downspouts, and ice dam prevention all keep your gutters in good shape. Local roofers can and often do install upgrades to home gutters to prevent clogs and roll through the seasons with less care.

Ice Dam Removal and Repairs

Ice dams can become a growing risk during the winter. As ice builds up on the edges or in the troughs of your roof, it becomes increasingly heavy, as well as a melting water damage risk. Canton, MI roofers are experienced in safely removing ice dams from local rooftops, eaves, and gutters. We will then assess any damage already done and quickly take care of any repairs along with improvements to prevent ice dams in the future.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal can be dangerous because the ice bonds with the surfaces you’re trying to break it off from. Sheets of heavy icicles and freezing-wet dams should not be trifled with lightly. Mighican roofers are particularly experienced at dealing with ice dams and are often the emergency call when an ice dam becomes menacing. We can carefully remove ice dams so they do no more damage to your house or put anyone at risk walking under them.

Roof Cleaning

Sweeping or shoveling your roof of snow is a big part of managing ice dams. Underneath the fluffy recent snow is the build-up of frozen slush or melt that forms your ice dams. By keeping your roof clean of build-up, you reduce the chance of leaks and other cumulative damage.

Ice Dam Repairs

If your ice dams have already begun tearing the eaves apart or pulling the gutters down with their weight, these small damages can be fixed with a little roofing work. Canton, Michigan roofers are used to small winter repairs on the eaves and below the troughs where ice dams are broken up.

Ice Dam Prevention

Lastly, Canton roofing contractors have a few tricks you can use to prevent ice dams in the future. Heating wires, ventilation, grates, and other methods will encourage ice to slide off your roof instead of building up into a dangerous mass.

Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

Leaks are an immediate concern that goes far beyond light or drafts in the attic. Water damage is a long-term concern for the health and safety of your house. If water is coming in through the roof or directing inward from the eaves, roofers know this is a top priority to repair. When you call in about roof leaks, you can expect a fast, respectful inspection and repairs scheduled ASAP, any month of the year.

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Leak Inspection

If you see, smell, or suspect signs of a leak, call for a roof inspection. Especially if the leak signs are nearer your attic or ceiling. A roofing contractor can inspect your roof, attic, and upstairs rooms to determine if the roof is the leak source. If so, repairs will be immediately scheduled to protect your home from incoming water.

Emergency Roof Repairs for Leaks

We know that leak repair is an emergency and will treat your home leaks with all due urgency. Repairs will be scheduled ASAp with advise on how to minimize water damage in the meantime.

Installing New Roof Features

Roofing contractors are also the right team for any roof upgrades or changes you want to make. Whether you want to install a new roof feature or remove an old one, roof construction is at the center of the project. Here in Canton, we are proud to offer skylights, ventilation, and chimney alterations – adapting your roof design and structure as needed with properly flashed joins with every element.


Skylights are a beautiful addition to most rooms, providing access to both sunbeams and fascinating cloudy skies or starscapes. Canton, MI roofing contractors can install a skylight in your local home in any roof-accessing room. Or if there is an old skylight you’re not comfortable with, have it removed for plain roof or replaced with a new skylight instead.

Ventilation Louvres and Gables

Vents that extend to the rooftop can act as exhaust or intake, but there must be a space for them in the roof. So add guest bathroom fans, kitchen exhaust, or a heat exchanger and we’ll make sure your roof is ready for the vent.

Add or Remove Chimneys

Fireplaces and chimneys are a big part of Michigan’s home design. Whether you’re closing an old dilapidated chimney or building new fireplaces throughout the house, you’ll need the help of roofers to adapt your roof landscape. We would love to help you add or remove chimneys from the home design.

Would you benefit from the services of a Canton, MI roofing contractor? If so, or if you’d just like an inspection or consultation, then feel free to contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you and working with your Canton home for years to come.