Summer Maintenance Checklist After Air Conditioning Installation Dearborn MI.

Summer Maintenance Checklist After Air Conditioning Installation Dearborn MI.

Excess heat and unpleasant odor can make the home uncomfortable to the occupants. Scorching temperatures could lead to a matter of life and death for children, elderly ones, and individuals with severe health conditions. When the outdoor temperature index especially in the summertime, individuals with severe health conditions stay indoors to avoid heat cramps or worst conditions. This is you need to observe the summer maintenance checklist for air conditioning installation Dearborn MI.

Health Conditions Caused By Heat

  • Heavy sweating
  • Weak and rapid pulse
  • Muscles cramp
  • Fatigue

Just like every other machine with several moving parts, your air conditioning system deserves a routine maintenance check to avert sudden breakdowns. If you desire to enjoy your summer, then it is recommended that you start giving your HVAC system the right attention as early as spring. 

Schedule Maintainance Checklist for HVAC System Ahead Summer

Before the busy summer season, create a time for your HVAC technician to come and perform preventive maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Delays could lead to getting stuck in a stifling house when your ac eventually fails. A simple spring service call could guarantee your comfort for the whole summer. Ensure that you are around when the techs come to your home for checks. This can help to avoid unnecessary costs.

List of Maintenance Services in Preparation for Summer

  • Clean or Change Air Filters

It should be noted that indoor air quality could be three times polluted than outdoor air. Especially in times like the coronavirus era, an average American’s life is spent indoors. So this could be alarming. Air filters in your AC unit help to filter polluted air away from your home. So these helpful components need to be cleaned regularly. HVAC experts recommend that air filters should be replaced every 30 days. This will reduce air pollution and save the cost of energy consumption even up to 15 percent. Always consider keeping track of your air filter replacements or cleaning as part of your HVAC summer maintenance routine.

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  • Clear and Check Drainage Line

How hot you feel depends on the humidity level. 90 degrees F heat could make an individual feel like 132 degrees F, especially during summer seasons. One of the main keys to maximizing your HVAC unit dehumidification capacity is by clearing the drainage line and keeping it clean. Make use of a shop vac to suck out debris. Also, pour a cup of bleach at the entrance to prevent mold, algae, or mildew from springing up. Always mark the last time you clear your drainage line on your calendar. 

  • Remove Obstructions Around the Condenser 

The condenser can be found in the outdoor unit. It can be easily clogged by debris ad loosed vegetation. Incur to clear them off at least twice a month. Also, mark this on your calendar, so you can keep track of the last time you did maintenance on your ac unit. 


In case you discover any fault with your HVAC unit, try to fix them before summer. Just as stated above, don’t forget to mark dates on your calendar when you did maintenance on your ac unit. This is important as it helps you keep track and make regular updates when necessary.