Some Common HVAC Problems and Possible Solutions

Some Common HVAC Problems and Possible Solutions

Ignition or pilot problems

Several factors could cause this problem. It is also vital to know that the problem is evitable if necessary measures are put in place. This problem mostly results from a dirty pilot, a dirty flame sensor, or a burner. It can lead to a pilot outage, short cycling, furnace lockout, or delayed ignition of the burners. One of the causes of this problem is also the gas supply.

Once the problem is noticed, it is vital to carry out an immediate inspection to determine the real cause of the problem or call the attention of a professional HVAC contractor to it. It might be resulting from the wear and tear of an ignition component, which could be easily replaced to prevent further damages.

This is not a problem without a solution. Nevertheless, solving the problem requires some expertise, and that is why it is always recommended to call the attention of a professional to help you fix the problem.

Furnace noises

Before you term every noise from the furnace, a problem that requires urgent attention, it is vital to know that some sounds are normal, and if you can’t hear them, it also means something is wrong with the furnace. When you start hearing unusual noises such as whining and squealing of the motor, the bearings in an inducer motor or one in the blower motor may be failing.

At this point, you shouldn’t wait for the unusual noise to grow worst before calling an expert to assist you with the replacement of the motor. If you allow it to continue, it will also damage some vital parts of the furnace, which could cause you to spend more than you bargained on the replacement process. If the damage is minimal, there might be a way of possibly repairing it instead of completely replacing it.

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Thermostat malfunction

With the increase/advancement in technology, we now have different types of thermostats. Those that are programmable and those that are not programmable. There are times that it becomes noticeable by homeowners that their furnace is beginning to operate negatively. It is a problem that mostly results from the poor functioning of the thermostat and how it is set.

At this point, you might want to do some little reading of your home manual before resulting to calling someone to come and have it fixed for you. If, after reading the manual, you can’t figure out a way to resolve the problem, then you must call the attention of an expert to help you out. In the case of a programmable thermostat, it might be a battery problem, and all that you might need to do is replace the batteries.

Water leaks

Before alerting a technician to come to your aid, be aware that both air conditioners and furnace with high efficiency produce condensate. This is the reason why there are pipes connected to convey the waters away from the drains properly to prevent it from staining the walls of your home. When you start noticing excessive leakage, you can call the attention of a service technician to look into the situation for you.