Roofing Materials that Give Efficient Energy to the Roofing system in Rochester you must Know


If you are thinking of replacing your old roof and you contact roofing contractors in Rochester, have you ever considered how to increase the energy efficiency of the house? Your utility bills kept increasing every day, do you think getting a new roof installed will reduce the amount you spent on utility? Do you know the energy efficient roofs in Rochester that are best for an efficient house?

Firstly, there are different ways one can enhance energy efficient to reduce utility bills you incur. Apart from a new roof installation, window replacement is another best way to lower utility bills. Roofing contractors in Rochester construct roofs to protect the home from the uncontrollable elements, prevent ice dams during the winter, but the professional ones will advise you on what to do to save energy and money on bills for a lifetime. Below are some roofing materials that are best when it comes to energy efficiency.

Roof Deck Protection

Roof deck protection helps to seal the houses envelop and add a second layer of protection to the home from the elements. Majorly, it helps to block water infiltration which can damage the roof unexpectedly. A damaged roof will result in higher energy bills. Attic insulation can be damaged by excess water which allows energy to escape easily. If you have good roof deck protection, strong storms and rains cannot damage your roof or increase energy bills at the Professional roofer in the long run.


Roofing shingles are the part of the roofing system that first defends the house from elements. If a low-quality shingle is used for your building in Rochester, no matter how slopped your roof, snow, rain, and wind will penetrate easily into the attic space. However, as the attic becomes too cold or hot, it influences the utility bills to increase by causing the HVAC system to over function.

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Moreover, shingles color can also help in energy efficiency. According to research, Americans spend over $40 million on air conditioning yearly. Shingles that have anti-reflecting properties can reduce 10%-15% of energy bills during the summer. If your shingle is painted with lighter color, it will help in reflecting heat in the hottest time.

Ventilation for Residential Building

Roofing contractors in Rochester will recommend ventilation to you, the purpose is not to upsell, but to enable energy efficient roofing system for your home. Ventilation will make a great impact in reducing your monthly electricity bills. If airflow is not reaching the attic space, it can cause overheating in the summer.

Ventilation is the intake and outtake of air circulation. In the winter, attic ventilation will help you in keeping the roof good to prevent ice dams. Though Ice dams will not have a direct influence utility bills, it will cost some money If the damage or the gutter system much.


Conclusively, hiring professional roofing contractors in Rochester for installation is one of the major factors to increase energy efficiency and maximize the energy savings. Professional roofer in Rochester knows how to quickly detect areas in the attic or roof that can increase energy bills. They spot problems and get them to fix without delay then you get a return on your roof investment. Get a quality roofing system and reduce the money you spent on energy bills.

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