Reliable Method for Selecting Weather-Resistant Siding for Your Home In Ann Arbor Michigan


Previously, only a few options were available regarding sidings for the exterior of your home, but now, there are multiple choices from which you could choose. It makes it difficult for people to make the best choice regarding the type of exterior that could provide a weather-resistant feature.

The availability of multiple options means you are not just concerned about the types of sidings available in the market. You are faced with choosing the best and more durable siding Ann Arbor Michigan while spending less. Regardless of how confusing this might seem, four types of sidings could give you maximum performance regarding weather resistance.

Plastic siding

This is a perfect choice with some advantages. Plastic has the resemblance of more expensive roofing material with little maintenance requirement. Compared to the vinyl siding, which is also another alternative, plastic siding is much thicker. Its thickness has the repercussion of making it more expensive compared to vinyl siding. Although the price of this siding is on the high side compared to vinyl siding, it has a perfect weather resistance feature. Its durability is also incredible. You can use it for a more extended period because it is less subjected to damages.

Vinyl siding

The primary advantage of vinyl siding, which makes it the choice of several people is the fact that it is less expensive compared to other types of sidings. Aside from its price advantage, vinyl siding is also resistant to water and insects. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that you stand the chance of facing melting, burning, and cracking situation when the temperature becomes extreme. Also, whenever there is high wind, you can hear rattling noises which could be annoying. Vinyl siding also doesn’t provide an upscale look, and it doesn’t have aesthetic appeal. This disadvantages might want to make you think twice before choosing it.

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Wood siding

When you require an aesthetically pleasing material for your siding, wood siding is a perfect option. Wood shingles and clapboard are a bit more expensive compared to others. In fact, wood shingles are even more costly than clapboard. If you are making wood sidings your choice, it is essential to keep it in mind that you would require maintenance to preserve the integrity of the siding. Nevertheless, attaching wood siding is easier with the use of coil siding nailer.

The primary disadvantage of making wood siding your choice is the fact that they are not best at weather-resistant, especially during harsh condition.

Fiber cement siding

This is the newest product in the market compared to other sidings. It is made from blending cellulose, sand, and cement to achieve a more aesthetically appealing appearance for your home. The fantastic thing about this siding is the fact that it looks much more like a wood than plastic. It is insect and fire resistant compared to other sidings, but when subjected to extreme climate, it might not appear as the best choice, especially when it allows water accumulation.