Reasons To Choose Architectural Shingles

Reasons To Choose Architectural Shingles

There are several available options when it comes to the selection of shingles, and there are various factors that have a significant effect on the choices of shingles. Nevertheless, architectural shingles are very popular shingles with a different textural and multi-dimensional appearance that ensures you have multiple options that fit your roof requirement. Aside from these facts, architectural shingles are high-performance shingles with several advantages which we will be discussing in this post.


Regardless of your desires, when the available options are limited, you are forced to choose from the list of the available options. Architectural shingles are constructed by putting several things, which includes colour and texture into consideration. There are several colours of architectural shingles available in the market with the perfect texture that promotes durability and elegant pattern choices that can help in enhancing the beauty of your home.

Manipulating architectural roofs to have the look of more expensive roofs such as shake, and the slate is achievable with less stress. This would go a long way to give your home, or business a more attractive appearance without the additional maintenance or expense.


It is no longer a thing of the secret that the roof installation step is a very critical one that has a profound/significant effect on the lifespan of the roof. A wrong installation would lead to you spending more money than expected on repair or possibly a replace process faster than you imagined. However, due to the complexity of so many roof materials, it is easier for roofing contractors to make mistakes, especially when they don’t have enough years of installation experience.

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Architectural shingles are easier to install because they don’t need the extra support required by other traditional shingles. They are designed to make cutting and fitting more comfortable and faster. This also has the effect of reducing the cost of installation services that would be rendered by the roofing contractor.


You might want to get discouraged by the fact that architectural shingles have about 25-30% higher initial cost compared to the standard 3-tab asphalt shingles. Before making that decision to give up on choosing this shingle, it is advisable that you carefully consider the value of the shingle. It has a superior value and lasts twice as long as the standard 3-tab asphalt shingles.


Regardless of the price of any roofing material, buying it would result in nothing but a total waste if it has a short lifespan. This is because you won’t even enjoy it for too long before you start paying for repairs and when thing get worst sooner than you planned, you might have no option than to go for a complete replacement.

Architectural shingles offer a way out of this disaster by providing a longer lifespan. The Standard 3-tab asphalt shingles offer a lifespan of 15-20 years while architectural shingles offer a lifespan of 25-30 years. This still seen as a short lifespan compared with some super-premium grades which can last for about 50 years without giving you any headache and the highest of quality architectural shingles can get you a quality lifespan of 75 years.