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Preventive Snow Removal Tips for Downriver Michigan Residents

Preventive Snow Removal Tips for Downriver Michigan Residents

Why snow removal is a very important precautionary move is because it ensures the safety of your family, friends, and customers who come to your property for one reason or the other. It helps to avoid various accidents and injuries that occur as a result of people slipping on the ice and falling.

You must start clearing up the snow from the front of your building to any other part of your property that people would walk on.

Tips on Preventive Snow Removal

Here are some tips that can guide you when you want to make your property safe and snow-free:

1. Record Snow Removal Days

You and your snow removal servicer can take note of the day you had snow removed from your land. In instances where you’re charged because of a slip and fall accident, having a record of the exact date and time you cleared up snow can make your defence more efficient.

2. Clear Enough Space

Don’t just believe that clearing only a small path on the sidewalks is enough. You need to do more and failing to do so can even make the snow more difficult to clear out completely because of one snowfall after the other. Clear out a big enough part for people to easily walk on when getting to work.

Also, remove snow from handicapped slopes for the disabled people; as people in wheelchairs, so it would be easier for them to move around.

You will also find it difficult to find where you should put the removed snow if you don’t clear enough space. This is another reason why snow removal is essential. Always reserve a big enough plot where the snow will be put after clearing.

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Ensure that the pathways to the garbage can are cleared and free for easy passage. If the paths to the garbage cans are blocked with snow, people won’t be able to use them and would instead dump their trash in the closest available pile or heap.

3. Observe your tenants

In cases where you own a building or buildings, and your tenants are accountable for removing their snow by themselves, you should still make sure to supervise them to ensure that they are clearing the snow effectively and efficiently.

4. Hire Snow Removal Services

When you try to clear out the snow yourself and your back, legs or whole body starts aching, you can either decide to take a break and continue shovelling later or you could seek the services of professional snow removers.

Also, if you are sick or you have a disease like asthma then you shouldn’t be outside shovelling snow. Hire people to clear it for you while you rest indoors.


You always have to make sure that you clear out your snow efficiently and effectively and get rid of the risks or dangers that come with the winter.

Why snow removal is beneficial is because when you remove snow properly, your business, home or any other property that you own would be safe and highly regarded.