New Roof Installation: Know How to Register for Dearborn MI. Roofing Warranty 

New Roof Installation- Know How to Register for Dearborn MI. Roofing Warranty

Are you making plans to upgrade your roof? Then before you commence that new roof installation, know that your roofing warranty is vital. There are certain things every homeowner needs to know about a warranty. In the case of a new roofing system installation, a warranty should cover the roof if there is an error or damage. 

Vital Things to Know About Warranty for New Roof Installation

You need to know the important aspects of a roofing warranty. Read carefully to get a better understanding of this piece.

Types of Warranty

As a homeowner, you need to understand that different types of warranties are available. We have the –

  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Roofer’s warranty
  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty: Homeowners are more familiar with this type of warranty. This covers any defect in the materials used to construct your roofing. A manufacturer’s warranty may last for about 20-50 years. However, it depends on the manufacturer and the type of roofing the material is used for.
  2. Roofer’s Warranty: Depending on the roofer you accept to work with, this type of warranty will be issued to you from the roofer. This covers the craft on the roof. If there is a defect, installation problem, or any other error caused by poor installation, the roofer’s warranty will cover it.

Steps to Register a Roofing Warranty

When your property is reroofed, you must confirm if the materials used are under warranty. You can confirm this easily by checking the manufacturer’s website. Most materials will be covered as soon as they are used on your roof. Some other materials would require you to sign up to activate the warranty. The process is not stressful, so you must do this as soon as your new roof is installed. As for the roofer’s warranty, for some roofing companies, you would need to pay them extra to give better warranties and extended coverage. 

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What does A Roofing Warranty Cover?

The two types of warranty have different coverages. 

Manufacturer Warranty Coverage: This warranty covers any defect discovered in the materials used for the roof installation. If these defects lead to roof leaks, the manufacturer will bear the replacement and repairs. 

Roofers Warranty Coverage: This covers any installation issues on the new roof. However, you would need to read the small print to understand what the warranty you are getting covers for. Also, it would be best if you read it to get an update on the coverages in case something goes bad.


It feels safe when you have your warranties, knowing that if any defect occurs, your roofer and the manufacturer of the roofing materials will take care of it. However, it is noted that most of the issues faced with roofing are from poor installation and not the materials. But if bad materials caused the issues, you are still covered. Therefore, reading the paper print before you sign anything with your roofer during a new roof installation is good.