Mistakes That Proves To Your Clients That You Are Inexperienced


Although part of the criteria for obtaining a license as a siding contractor requires that you go through an internship with a reputable siding company. Nevertheless, you could skip that step and proceed towards making your dream of becoming a siding contractor a reality. This would affect your integrity because it will reflect in your work that you an inexperienced siding contractor.

Let’s discuss the things you could possibly do that would make your clients have a second thought about you and your services.

Nailing sidings too loosely

You probably must have encountered it somewhere that you shouldn’t nail your sidings to tight. The reason for this advises it to avoid any unnecessary issues when it becomes too difficult for your sidings to expand and contract correctly. The situation could prompt you to decide on making the nails lose to avoid been seen as an amateur. Well! You just succeeded in announcing the presence of an amateur/inexperienced siding contractor. The sidings should never be allowed to stay either too tight or too loose. It has to be perfect else it would result in more severe problems than you envisaged. The nailing must enable expansion and contraction of sidings to take place efficiently and not allow it to fall off or break during the process.

Too much overlapping of joints

Something about most professions is the presence of standards that acts as a guard line for everyone to follow. Professionals don’t just do things because they believe they know how to do it correctly, but according to laid down rules that make the work perfect.  There are standards for fixing and repairing sidings which contractors must embrace because they are tested and trusted.

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The expected overlap for vinyl siding is 1 to 11/4. If you decide or attempt to create a different style of your own, you might be creating a problem that would affect the movement of sidings during the expansions and compression process. Such problems won’t only damage the siding before time. It will also go a long way of preventing you from getting more contracts from such an area because they will believe you are not competent enough to do the job. The mistake of improper overlapping could cause a situation such as wavy appearance and cracks in your siding. Not only would this situation affect your work as a contractor, but it might also end up making you spend an unbudgeted amount of money to correct your mistakes.

Becoming a professional is the desire of any siding contractor. Nevertheless, it is best to understand it takes time, and learning to become one. It is advisable to learn under a professional for some period before attempting to call yourself one.