Methods To Protect Your Home Exterior During Roof Installation

Methods To Protect Your Home Exterior During Roof Installation

Most times, when homeowners hire a roofing contractor for a roof installation, the expected result is to get it correctly installed. However, some homeowners end up complaining about the rubbish and mess the roofers left behind. To worsen issues, landscaping around the home could be damaged. 

Different Kinds of Customers or Homeowners

Home exteriors are sometimes added during negotiations discussions between customers and contractors; you’d hear some customers and know how much they value their rose bush. On jobs like this, contractors would take extra precautions. Notwithstanding, not every customer would say this. But it is necessary to stay safe than say sorry. Therefore, roofing companies are supposed to do a clean job. A well-maintained work site is safe for the crew, homeowners, and visitors on site. 

How To Minimize The Damages on Roofing Projects

Here are some professional tips to reduce the damages around the exterior of a roofing site.

Inspect the house exteriors and repairs site

Go round the home to inspect the home before the projects start. Know if there are existing damages and call the homeowner’s notice to it. As a professional roofer, it is good to take short videos of the surrounding. Also, homeowners are to get a record of the exteriors to avoid unnecessary complaints. 

Make a list of areas that needs special cover

Jot down every corner and areas that need extra precautions to be taken, such as pools, gardens and a children’s playground. Try to know from the homeowner where their treasured flowers or newly planted areas are. Also bear in mind the wind forecast as the timing for the project approaches. 

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Position trash bins correctly

Trash bins should be placed well at the flow point. Make use of plywood sheets to cover up the driveway. To avoid driveway damage, lay some plywood beneath full pallets of shingles. Also, materials should not be placed on the grass to avoid killing it. 

Drape tarps over gardens

Use tarps to cover gardens and grassy regions that are beneath the roof work areas. For younger plants, place the tarp over some lengths of sticks or rods leaned against the wall. Trees and grown shrubs can be left alone because they can withstand anything that comes this way. 

Get all the tools needed to keep the surrounding neat standing by

Aside from having working tools like a ladder, nails/nail gun, and other required tools for roof installation, roofers should also ensure to keep the necessary tools that can be used to keep the site clean. Tools like rakes, garbage can, brooms plus every other needed tool to ensure the place is clean.

Another important tool to keep for cleaning is the magnetic sweeper that is used for combing the entire area for wayward roofing nails. Immediately the old roof has been removed, gather the debris immediately to avoid it from scattering over the whole place.



The major concern of a homeowner is to install quality shingles. However, protecting plants, flowers, and other delicate areas would take just a few minutes. Show your customers that you are professional and take care of every detail.