Matter of Durability: Choosing Between Tiles and Shingles

Matter of Durability: Choosing Between Tiles and Shingles

Tiles and shingles are the two most popular roofs you are likely to see in all neighborhood in Macomb County MI for two primary reasons, which are durability and affordability. Because both roofing types have these two most desired factors and the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, many roofing contractors represent it. It has become challenging to select between these two roofs, which one would work best for your home roofing.

This post is aimed at making the decision extremely easy for you by considering some crucial factors that affect both tiles and shingles. Let’s look at them together.


Weather is something that could be difficult to predict. Even when you are experiencing hot weather, the wind could come unexpectedly and destroy your roof before you know it. Both shingles and tiles are victims of this disaster, but the advantage of shingles over tiles is a bit higher.

Shingles are of lower profiles and don’t have many materials sticking up for wind to grab. This implies that if any of the shingles get blown off by the wind, it can be used again if adequately repaired. However, in the case of tiles, it is almost impossible to have the tiles blown by the wind back in perfect condition because it would have cracked or got broken.

You should always remember that the repair cost is lesser than the replacement cost when making your decision.


Rain is inevitable. Sometimes we get to experience a torrential downpour more than we expected. Both shingles and tiles are exposed to rain whenever the heavens open up, but the effect of water on both of them differs significantly.

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Shingles suffer more damages from excessive exposure to water. It decays faster when exposed to standing water. This would result in the reduction of the strength of the granules, which would later breakdown, weaken the shingle and result in leakage, which could be frustrating. However, tiles, on the other hand, are mostly immune to damages by water.


Everybody loves good quality material, but everyone wants quality with affordability and durability. I am sure this is something you would like to enjoy when it comes to your roof. When it comes to long/extended lifespan, tiles seem to be on the winning side if you can properly maintain the roof and avoid some other predictable disaster. Tiles have a lifespan between 30-60 years except if you buy an adulterated material while shingles have a lifespan of 15-50 years if properly maintained.


Just as the sun has the advantage of charging up your solar panel, it can also bring a problem to your roof during summer when the intensity is high. When this temperature gets to the unbearable level, the ability of shingles to reflect rays become reduced. This causes the shingle roofing to crumble because the situation can easily break shingles compared to tiles roofing.

Careful consideration of these factors and some other factors would make it easy for you to know what would work best for you regarding roofing.