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Lawn Care Downriver Michigan: How to Nurture a Green Lawn

Lawn Care Downriver Michigan: How to Nurture a Green Lawn

Several homeowners plan their lawn maintenance between early spring to late spring and also early autumn. Professional lawn cares Downriver Michigan, at this time, has much to do. Keeping a green lawn is a challenging task. As a homeowner, you might find it interesting to do this yourself. At some point, you would have no choice but to allow a professional lawn service person to take charge. Do you know that there are some steps to take if you want to keep a green lawn? Here are some steps to guide you through the process.

Lawn Care Downriver Michigan Process for Keeping a Green Lawn

Here are some vital steps to consider if you are looking forward to having a green lawn in your compound. 

1. Remove Weeds

Warn weather to provide breathing space for weeds to grow among the growing grasses. The earlier you pull off those weeds, the better for your plants. A weedkiller can be used in case of too many weeds. You have to kill the weed from the root to avoid growing again. 

2. Loosen Up Compacted Soil to Aerate the Lawn

Aerating the soil will loosen up for nitrogen and oxygen to go deep into the grassroots to enhance its health. This can also benefit your drainage. Make use of a fuck to make holes about 2cm deep.

3. Get Rid of Moss

Though some gardeners would like to have a bit of moss, they grow in bald patches in the lawn and could overtake the lawn if given a chance. For homeowners that want an all-green lawn, moss in your lawn has to go. Please use moss killer and remove it completely from the lawn. 

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4. Routine Mowing

To maintain the perfect height for your grass, you must implement regular mowing. Notwithstanding, your method of mowing will help to make a huge difference. Warm weather makes grass grow faster, especially between June and July. Mowing once a week during these periods would keep your lawn in good shape.

5. Do Not Trim More Than 20%

The plant gets stressed when you don’t know how to handle grass cutting. It is advised that you do not cut more than 20% of the grass at a go. Try to reduce the cutting height of your lawn mower at the beginning of the season and stretch over some weeks till you achieve your preferred height. If you find this hard to handle, you can hire a lawn care Downriver Michigan to handle it for you.

6. Utilize A Sharp Blade

When the lawn mower’s blade is blunt, it tears the grass instead of cutting it. Tearing the grass will stress the grass and make it look unkept. In such conditions, you risk getting the grass tips turning yellow. Sharpen your blade when necessary to get good results.

7. Water Lawns At Summer

In hot weather, after mowing your lawn, water it accurately. This will strengthen the grass after the stress of cutting and aid growth. 

8. Fertilization

One of the essential nutrients for your plant is nitrogen. If you desire strong, green grass, then apply nitrogen. A well-fertilized lawn is always green, have deeper roots, and stays healthy.


Keeping a green lawn makes your compound look nice, fresh, and appealing to the eyes. Hiring a professional lawn care Downriver Michigan will help achieve healthy, strong green grass. Lastly, the lawn should be protected from traffic. You can make a sidewalk for that purpose if you need to walk across the lawn. Only add fertilizer when the weather is wet. The fertilizer can get washed into drains and reservoirs, causing environmental pollution.

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