Latest Trends In Roofing Technology At Ann Arbor MI

Latest Trends In Roofing Technology in Ann Arbor MI

Roofing is one of the most critical parts of any building. Apart from the fact that they protect from harsh weather conditions, they also add to the overall building outlook. They eventually tend to wear over time, and so, it is essential to make the right decision when choosing the roofing materials, style and design of the roof. End users must evaluate the cumulative effect of factors such as roofing durability, appearance, and aesthetics to make the right decision during purchase and installation. Over the years, there has been significant progress in roofing technology in terms of the roof material selection, production process, as well as ease of maintenance. You will be exposed, in this piece, to the latest trends in roofing technology. Here are some of them:

  • Use of drones: Drones with mobile cameras are now used by roofing companies in Ann Arbor MI to take pictures of roofing spots whenever a problem arises. This means that the maintenance personnel does not need to climb up the roof to figure out the problem, hence, reducing the risk of falling off from rooftops. Pictures derived can also be shown to house owners to help their understanding of the repair activity entails and what exactly is needed.
  • Green roofing alternative: This makes use of new methods to add vegetations to rooftops. Since insulation is done naturally, it is more economical and energy saving. Vegetations are known to produce oxygen and utilize carbon dioxide which is excessively harmful to the ecosystem. Simply put, green roofs are environmentally friendly, and amazingly, they are more durable than traditional roofing materials.
  • Improved roofing shingles: Laminated shingles are now available in a variety of high definition design, profiles, shapes and a unique blend of colors to meet customers’ taste. These are beginning to replace the crudely hand-made multi-layer shingles.
  • Use of sophisticated production machinery: Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines are beginning to find wide usage during the roof shingle manufacturing process. This has helped in attaining uniformity in appearance, the material used, weight and the dimensions of the roof shingles. This advanced manufacturing strategy has brought about a relatively short production time as well as an enhanced efficiency alongside a cost-effective output product.
  • Use of conspicuous shingle colors: In the past, shingle colors are generally neutral colors that blend with building colors. However, the tides have changed as homeowners now opt for bold, bright colors that make the house beautifully stand out.
  • Solar panel shingles: Roof shingles that are solar-integrated are now the newest methods of installing solar panels. These shingles are sleeker and lighter designs and have better energy conversion ability. Some solar heat shingles are made of translucent glass tiles. These glass tiles arrest heat produced by the sun and then heats the air underneath the glass tiles. The warm air can have diversified applications such as regulating the indoor air temperature during winter or heating water for various purposes.
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New roofing technologies are continually unfolding in Ann Arbor MI, and thus it is critical to continually be up to speed with better ways of getting a better roofing job done.