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Landscaping Company in Downriver Michigan: How Landscape Design Can Boost Home Safety

Landscaping Company in Downriver Michigan- How Landscape Design Can Boost Home Safety

The first lines of defense against robbers are the rental property’s yard and surroundings. As a landscaping company in Downriver Michigan, do you know that maintenance is one of the simplest ways to aid crime prevention? Tall grass, overgrown trees and shrubs, and weeds indicate that the property has been neglected and is rarely occupied by would-be burglars. Don’t rely on the tenants to keep your property up to code. Hire a lawn mowing service to keep the grass groomed and invest in services to maintain the lawn’s health and keep weeds out. This will increase the property’s value and serve to prevent thieves.

How Landscaping Company in Downriver Michigan Aid Safety with their Services 

Landscaping company in Downriver Michigan is sensitive about the security of your home. However, security-focused landscaping continues beyond upkeep. Even if your property is in a desirable and secure area, you can still deter crime through design by incorporating many additional elements, such as:

Apply Gravel

Gravel paving for pathways and spaces near entrances, including windows and doors. Gravel generates a lot of noise, contrary to burglars’ need for stealth and silence. The thief will choose a less obvious target because they know their footsteps can be heard.

Trim Bushes and Trees as Necessary

Making your property visible to neighbors and bystanders will deter theft faster than anything else. Thieves have a place to hide and can easily enter open or unlocked windows thanks to overgrown bushes that cover windows or trees with branches close to the roof or upper-level windows. Make it nearly impossible for anyone to conceal themselves close to your rental home. To maintain visibility, most police departments advise keeping shrubs and plants no taller than three feet and cutting tree branches so that the lowest limbs are at least seven feet or higher from the ground.

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Make a Boundary

If you fence it in, your property will be considerably less enticing to burglars. Would you want to climb a fence that was eight feet high and hopes no one noticed? Fences restrict entry and cause crooks to search for a location that is simpler to enter. Also, remember to shut all gates! A fenced-in property is more likely to draw tenants seeking seclusion or a safe space for their kids or pets. Renters value fenced-in yards highly, so it is worthwhile to make the expenditure.

Use Plants

Additionally, certain plants can defend your rental. You can deter burglars by placing prickly succulents, spiky holly, or thorny rose bushes under your first-floor windows. Again, thieves want quick and simple entry and exit points, and dodging thorns will make anyone move more slowly. Even basic, less ferocious plants, like hedges, can deter robbers while improving the house’s appearance. Just ensure the tenants can take good care of the plants or engage a professional service to keep them in good shape.

Install Lighting

It is a good idea to ensure your property is well-lighted, especially in multi-unit buildings, as poorly lit areas can result in accidents and criminal activity. Invest in lighting to highlight any particularly gloomy locations on the property to prevent burglars from lurking in the shadows. Criminals will be deterred by motion-activated lights near entrances, while well-lit paths improve safety and give the impression that the property is occupied.


Prospective tenants are looking at your home for warning signs that could make it a target for crime, even if you don’t specifically mention how your property’s landscaping promotes security. A Professional landscaping company in Downriver Michigan can maintain the property; adding attractive and useful landscape features, installing lighting, and installing locks will help keep the property secure and draw in tenants.

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