Interior Doors Installation and Types of Option Available in Market

Interior Doors Installation and Types of Option Available in Market

The exterior door of your home is not the only important door that needs care. Interior doors also play essential roles; they don’t only serve as entrances into rooms. Interior doors provide privacy, safety and pleasant appeal look to the rooms that lie behind them. Take for example, can you bath in a bathroom without a door while your visitors are around? Absolutely NO.

The privacy that interior doors provide cannot be unrated. Starting from privacy in a bathroom to the closet or storeroom, etc. However, interior doors are made in various sizes, types, and different materials. Thus, those are also factors that can influence the installation price of an interior door.  The types of doors you chose wouldn’t only affect the look of the room, it will likewise affect the way it operates and functions.

Common types of Interior Doors You Should Know

The types of doors you choose can significantly affect the interior door installation quote. Though some doors are style preference and others affect the installation process. Exterior doors are to give the exterior of the home that best look that makes people love it. But if you think of perfect finishing, you can give the interior a positive feeling with the type of doors you go for. However, let’s explore the different options you can choose for your home.

Bi-Fold Doors

Let’s start at the minimum level. Bi-fold doors are the types of doors that are made up of 2 panels which can be folded against another in the middle when opened. They are attached by hinges and normally installed on closets. This type of door can likewise be used on some wide thresholds. Bi-fold is perfect for smaller spaces since it has a double fold. This type is made in different sizes and materials. Moreover, it needs a track to slide on.

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Hinged Doors

When people hear about the interior doors, what mostly comes to mind is the standard hinged model. Though generally interior doors are considered hinged doors. They can be blank without a frame, or pre-hung which means that they have a frame and hinges. We have various hinged models in the market. You can use blank doors when you have a good standing existing frame and hinges; if not, you’ll need pre-hung. Additional hinges may be needed to support doors that are taller.

French Doors

These types of double doors are made of glass and they open up a room beautifully to make a single wider opening. They are made with multiple panels and panes. French doors are nice for bedrooms, dining rooms, and other wilder space that needs something stylish in design. You can find the type of interior door in different sizes and materials.

Dutch Doors

These are the type of single doors that can be divided into two pieces around the midline. Both the bottom and the top can open independently. Dutch doors can be very heavy because they are made of wood. However, these types of doors are good for kitchens.

Sliding Doors

These types of doors are very functional when there is a smaller space. They usually have two sliding panel doors or one door with a fixed panel. Each door passes each other as you slide them on the tracks. They can also work at a wider space where you cannot install a French door.


Apart from all that we have mentioned, there are many types of interior doors in the market. Nevertheless, there are also customized interior doors of all types and materials that you can use. Once you have a reliable professional door contractor around you, you can get any design you want based on your budget. Moreover, also remember to treat termites on wood if you are going for wooden doors. Termites see wood as their food so before they eat up your wooden furniture you should take care of it or take termites pest control.