Important Things to Consider When Choosing A Roof Color in Farmington Hills

Important Things to Consider When Choosing A Roof Color in Farmington Hills

Choosing the right color for your roof in Farmington Hills can be an exciting albeit daunting task. After all, if you do make a mistake, you might have to live with it for a very long time.

However, it doesn’t to be so scary, here are some few tips you might want to keep in mind as you consider your color choices.

  1. The climate in which you live: One of the major purposes of a roof is to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, that is, to keep excess heat out while trapping the required heat inside. And so, you might want to consider the area you reside in Farmington Hills before you make a final choice. The color of your roof shingles can affect the internal temperature of your home by 15 -30 degrees. This can make a big difference in the cost of cooling or heating cost of your home. Light shingles reflect sunlight and reduce internal temperatures and are advisable for warmer climates. Dark roof shingles, on the other hand, absorb heat and can help homes in cooler climates stay warmer. Dark colors may also help to melt ice and snow on your roof faster.
  2. Colour Coordination: It is usually a good idea to use shingles with the same colors with the bricks or painting of the exterior of the house. For example, dark-colored roofs; such as dark gray or black look good with a gray or blue house, while brown, tan or cream colored homes will probably match better with brown or cream shingles, or a mixture of both. Remember, when in doubt, go for conservative and complementary colors.
  • Architectural style: The style of your home should also be put in mind when selecting a roof color, dark colors tend to make your house look smaller and light colors make a home look larger.
  1. Neighborhood considerations: You might also want to consider the colors existing in your Farmington Hills neighborhood. Some neighborhoods have associations that can give you some ideas on what colors to choose. You would not want the color of your roof to clash horribly with your neighbors. It is also not recommended to be the odd one out on your street.
  2. Availability of colors: Before making a final selection, you might want to ensure that that color is actually available. Best practice might be to narrow it down to a few choices and then ask your supplier if he/she stocks in that particular color.
  3. Visualize the colors: Before you make a final selection, you might want to get a visual preview of what the final result would look like. You can always ask a roofing contractor or architect to help a simulate a model using the colors you’ve selected. That way, you get to see the colors as well as make corrections in real-time.
  4. Select Color that Goes with your Exterior Paint: Selecting the color for a roofing system has to be the last step when changing the exterior look of your home. However, if you have the intention to renovate your exterior and you think of changing the color of your home, ensure that you compare the shingles or roofing samples with the new color of the paint and permanent colors on the outside of your home.

    After you’ve done everything but still haven’t settled on your home color, it’s a brilliant idea to take it with your roofing contractor. The most reliable and professional roofing contractor with years of industry experience and knowledge will help you choose the right color to match your home’s structure and exterior design.


These are all steps you should follow to make the best choices of roof color for your home. Also remember to get professional roofing contractor in Farmington Hills to fix the roof, except if it is a DIY-project, in which case, you should follow the steps very carefully and ask for professional help since you need it as it can be quite costly to make changes if you make a mistake along the way.

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