How To Replace Your Double-Hung Window Without The Help Of Anyone (DIY)

How To Replace Your Double-Hung Window Without The Help Of Anyone (Diy)

There are several famous replacement windows in Ann Arbor Michigan. The double-hung window is one of them. This makes it one of the replacement windows with high demand. Something about replacing this window when it gets damaged is that you can always do it yourself if you follow the right step. Read along and learn how it is done.

First step: Measurement

Before doing anything, you need to order for a replacement double-hung window, and there is only one way of doing it without making mistakes. You have to measure the one you have already to avoid issues with fitting and size. Once you have an accurate measurement, you can purchase the needed quantity from a reputable supplier to get started.

Second step: Inside stop and bottom sash removal

Before you start this process, there is a need for you to take precautions just in case you won’t be able to finish the job in a day. Get plywood ready to cover the space of the old window you are about to remove to prevent further damages from rain or any other thing. Remove the inside stop carefully from the side jambs using chisel and hammer because they’re the best tools for the job. Once this is done, get the bottom sash out.

Third step: Center stop and top sash removal

Once you have successfully removed the inside stop and the bottom sash, take caution and remove the center stop and the top sash also. This time, use a utility knife and back part your hammer to get rid of the weather stripping. However, if the window is old, locate and remove the old pulleys. Once that is done, pull out the old sash weight and cut the ropes. Then you can continue with the fourth step.

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Fourth step: New top sash installation

Get the top sash of the new window and dry-fit it. Secure it by properly screwing the top brackets into the window frame and the sash too. Check it properly to determine if it is necessary to pre-drill the holes before doing anything further to it. If there is a need for that, get it done before proceeding to the next step.

Fifth step: Brackets installation

This is easily done by placing about 4 of the first bracket down from the top on each side, then you can proceed to install the bottom bracket. About 2 up from the bottom of the top sash on one side. Carefully screw in the other bracket midway between the top and the bottom brackets. Then proceed to the next step.

Sixth step: Lower sash filler blocks installation

Get the lower sash filler blocks secured to the frame beneath the top sash using a nail gun. The blocks will help in holding the static top sash in the right position.

Seventh step: Jamb liner installation

You are almost done with the process. Carry out measurement and cutting of the jamb liners to fit the window frame then screw in the vinyl jamb brackets on both sides. Do the fitting of the jamb liner correctly against the frame of the window and ensure it is parallel to the lower sash filler blocks

Last step: Lower sash installation

Do this by sliding the pivot pin right through the groove of the jamb liner and snapping it into the sash balance on each side.