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How to Avoid Scams from Snow and Ice Removal Downriver MI.

How to Avoid Scams from Snow and Ice Removal Downriver MI.

Do you know that Michigan’s residential and commercial properties are targeted for snow removal scams? There are different easy ways to avoid snow and ice removal scams Downriver MI. If you have fallen victim to these scams before, you would understand what we are talking about. However, for the sake of potential victims, here are some of the things you will notice if you have signed up with a fraudulent snow plowing company. 

4 Tips to Know You Are Dealing with A Scam Snow and Ice Removal Downriver MI.

It never has and will never be a happy ending once you sign a contract with a fraudulent snow removal service in Michigan. Here are some common examples to show that you are dealing with a scam snow service. 

1. The Contractor Has No Intention of Doing the Job by Himself

This set of scammers shows up to get the contract, and after contracts, someone else will carry out the service for them. In such a case, you don’t know who to hold if the job is not done properly as agreed. Once you find it difficult to hold someone responsible for your property, it is a sign that you could be dealing with a scam snow removal company.

2. The Book for So Many Jobs More Than They Can Handle

A scam or substandard snow removal service will go out to look for as many jobs as possible for fear that they might not get any to do in the wintertime. Then, before the season begins, they select the best contracts and cancel the lesser or inexpensive clients. They could also run off with the deposited amount or return it as the case may be. This could land a homeowner running around searching for an emergency snow removal contractor in Downriver Michigan.

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3. They Never Intend to Work but Lure the Homeowner into Paying 

No scam snow removal has the intention of working on your property. All they want to do is lure the homeowner with a cheap quote service and trick them into signing and paying. To avoid criminal fraud charges, the contractor may arrive with a shovel and then abandon the project without doing much. The contractor claims the money without fear of prosecution. The sad part is that the lawsuit will not pursue a case involved with such a small amount of money. In the end, the homeowner gets zero snow plowing service and less cash in the wallet. 

4. A Scam Always Set Space for Extra Charges During Work

A fraudulent contractor always leaves space for additional charges in their quotes. Therefore, there will always be a reason for extra salt charges, overage charges, and other unexpected fees from a scam snow removal contractor. Before signing a legal agreement with a snow removal company, ensure that every other extra charge has been verified and well taken care of. 


If you mistakenly hire a scam contractor for your snow service, you would end up losing the money paid and bring more stress on yourself by doing the work all by yourself. This is why it is good to stay off cheap deals. Always research about a contractor before signing up for a contract with them. If not, the property owner will be held responsible in case of damage or injury inflicted on any individual. Therefore, it is wise to do everything possible to avoid scams tricks from snow and ice removal Downriver MI.

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