How Roofing Contractors Wyandotte Michigan Reduce Roof Heats in Summer

How Roofing Contractors Wyandotte Michigan Reduce Roof Heats in Summer

When the roof is kept cool, your home will be cooler and conducive for its occupants. This article will expose you to how roofing contractors Wyandotte Michigan reduce roof heats in Summer. A hot roof in summer is not a good one for the dwellers. The use of air conditioning can be minimized if the roof is cool thereby helping you spend less on energy consumption. Here are some methods used by roofing contractors in Michigan to cool the roof, making the home interior comfortable to stay.

Use of Reflective Tiles or Shingles

Roofing contractors Wyandotte Michigan reduce roof heats in summer by considering the most effective products in the market. One of the superior quality products considered for this purpose is solar reflective shingles. It can absorb infrared radiation from the sun. it directly reduces the amount of heat that would penetrate the home interior. Also, it saves spending on energy consumption at home. Besides, there are concrete roofing tiles in the market that work effectively towards cooling the home in summer and offer a nice aesthetic look. 

Attic Insulation and Ventilation

It should be noted that the attic is a vital part of the home’s structure. It also plays an important role in making sure that your home is cool in summer and very comfortable in winter. The attic is also a determiner of whether you incur leaking, mold, or condensation. So, roofing contractors in Wyandotte Michigan make sure that your roof is well insulated and ventilated every season. When the attic becomes overheated, a power vent can be installed to speed its cooling process. It is advised to have the proper amount of intake and exhaust vents. This is useful for attic ventilation. 

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Lighter-Colored Roof

Installing a lighter-colored roof is another practice used by roofing contractors to get rid of heat in summer. You could ask your roofing contractor to remove the old, black-colored roof and replace it with a light-colored one. It helps the home to reflect heat and absorb less heat into the home. Therefore, it reflects sun rays efficiently, which dark-colored rods can not handle. 

Increase Tress and Shades

Another good method for keeping the home cool in summer is by increasing the number of shade trees around the house. However, a safe distance should be kept between the trees and the house to avoid the roots from penetrating the home or damage the roof. Nicely kept trees form good shades. They make your environment cooler and reduce the heat.  

Solar Panel Installation on Roofs

Keeping your roof temperature down by be achieved by installing solar panels on the roof. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that prevent heat from reaching the roof. They convert sun energy into electricity, making good use of the heat. This system environment-friendly and helps cut down bills on HVAC. 


At this juncture, we can see clearly that heat reduction in summer is possible. All you need to do is talk to your local roofing contractor about how to reduce the heat. Roofing contractors in Wyandotte are ready to assist you. Discuss your budget with them so they can offer you the most convenient method for heat reduction on your roof.