How Rochester Hills’ Weather Affects Your Roof and Preventive Measures to Take

5 Ways to Prevent Roof Damage During the Winter

To prevent winter damage to the roof, clean your gutters, fix small problems immediately, and carefully check problem areas before the first snowfall for best results.

Clean the Gutters after Fall

  • Gutters filled with rainwater will greatly increase the risk of ice dams, but gutters filled with leaves can also become deformed once filled with ice and snow that cannot be easily removed.
  • Gutters that do not drain enough can also collect more snow, which increases the risk of rotting along the soffit and eaves.

Thus, it is essential that the gutters be cleaned every year. You should also check that they are draining properly; an insufficient slope can also cause stagnation of water in the gutter.

Set the Cause of the Least Ice Dam

If you have ever had an ice dam, it is likely that the moisture barrier and insulation of your attic is insufficient; therefore, here are what I suggested you should do.

  • Plan an inspection with a roofing contractor in Rochester Hills who can suggest how to prevent other ice dams from forming.
  • In most cases, you will need to add extra insulation in your attic, or at least have a large piece of metal flashing along the edges of the roof to prevent further leaks.
  • Do not wait for another barrage of ice; leaks can ruin the structural elements of your roof.

Check the Structure of Your Roof

  • Old houses may have inadequate roof trusses or rafters. In most cases, when you learn that a roof has collapsed, it is often the fault of inefficient structural roof elements.
  • Roof rafters can easily be reinforced once you know the problem. Have the roof of your house checked by a professional if it was built the late 90s.
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Also, if you have already had leaks in your roof, your rafters could also be damaged. A quick assessment by a professional roofing contractor in Rochester Hills will ensure that your roof can withstand the typical load of snow in your area.

Look for any Damaged Shingle

  • After every winter and every windstorm, you should check to see if any shingle in your roof is cracked, missing or deformed. In the spring, these shingles will have to be replaced. If you ignore them, leaks can occur.
  • In addition, the underlying wood cladding and rafters could rot when exposed to snowmelt.

Eliminate Ice Paradises

If your roof regularly hosts ice cubes, it may be because of a poorly ventilated underside.

Call a Rochester Hills roofing contractor that can evaluate the current structure of your home and make suggestions. Stalactites are not just a safety hazard; they can also damage the drip and cause ice dams.

The best way to avoid winter damage to roofs is to fix previous problems in early spring and then look for any potential problems again in the fall. If you have never had a problem with your roof, all you have to do is clean your gutters and check that your roof is undamaged to avoid most complications.

Prepare Yourself in Advance

The best way to deal with climate emergencies is to prepare for them in advance. Evaluate the weather risks that Rochester Hills is exposed to and protect your roof from potential damage.

Damage Caused by Storms

The impact of a storm on a structure may depend on many factors, including the condition of the structure and its compliance with building codes.

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Even in the absence of tornadoes or hurricanes, strong winds can suffice to blow shingles or even whole sections of roof. Hail can also pose a risk to structures.

The best way to protect your roof from potential damage is to have it inspected annually. You will want to make sure that the shingles and rafters are securely fastened and in good condition.

If you notice any deformation, crack, or structural weakness, have it repaired before the storm season begins.

Damage Caused by Snow

Snow piled up on your roof may have a certain charm, but its weight and the moisture it causes can eventually cause deformations or subsidence, which can create leaks.

In some cases, excessively heavy snow can even cause a part of the roof to collapse. Fortunately, there is a range of products available to clear your roof. Just be sure to do it regularly, before the snow will pile up and cause further damage.


The myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice is exactly that: a myth. Reduce the risk of damage by lightning rods, which can also be installed on homes.

Regularly maintaining your roof and investing in a few repair tools will undoubtedly help protect your roof from weather enemies.

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