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How Poor Plumbing System Leads To Water Damages

How Poor Plumbing System Leads To Water Damages

Technological improvement always has a way of bringing new development in doing things. This is due to the continual ability of man to creatively think and innovatively produce a better idea of solving a problem. Plumbing is not left out of these improvements.

Contrary to the use of surface piping methods, pipes are now laid underground even before the completion of the construction/building process. The primary function of these pipes is to convey water from one point to another without significant access to it that could result in water damages.

How water damages result from pipes

During the construction process, especially when the pipes are already laid and no water is flowing through it yet. There are cases of leakage caused by gravel or other sharp materials hitting the pipe. Whenever this happens, it almost goes unnoticed because no flow of water yet to make it visible.

Because the pipes are not completely broken, when the construction of the house is over, water still flows to various section of the house but slower than it should because of low pressure. The water leaking out of the pipes keeps getting underground and soaking up the foundation of the house.

This situation is worse than the case of improper drainage because the water keeps flowing in a continuous process until the occupant of the house notices a leak in the pipe. The reason is that erosion, which is the primary cause of water damage in the case of poor drainage depends on rain. However, damaged pipes do not depend on rain to cause havoc.

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How do I detect it

Before the waters flowing out of the pipes results into water damage, there are signs such as a reduction in floor temperature and flow of water into the house caused by low pressure. At this point, it is better to seek the services of a plumber to help you trace the leakage and prevent it from causing significant damage in the house.

Consequences of Delay

Water starts reducing the strength of the house foundation from the point where the leakage is taking place. It starts spreading to other areas bit by bit until it spreads across the entire building. The walls of the house start getting affected, just like the floor of the house. This situation will cause the tiles of the house to begin removing little by little and also cause the wall to start cracking little by little. This water damage would affect food material or other perishable materials that cannot withstand the temperature when placed on the floor of the house.

If you use a rug on the floor of the house, the temperature of the floor will promote the natural growth of molds, which might start causing an unpleasant smell in the house. It also has a significant effect on the health of the people inhabiting the house.

The situation requires urgent attention else the water damage would recent in a greater disaster than anticipated.