How Do Siding Contractors Downriver Michigan Measure Siding Projects

How Do Siding Contractors Downriver Michigan Measure Siding Projects

At the initial stage of a home siding project, measurement for siding might be a challenge for a novice. This is why you have to hire professional siding contractors Downriver Michigan for your siding projects. As a homeowner, you cannot estimate correctly if you decide to do the installation yourself, which is not advisable. But it is okay for a homeowner to know how to measure siding for projects. Understanding siding measurements would help to avoid missteps and begin smooth negotiations with a professional installer. This guide will give a quick insight into calculating siding for a house.

Understanding How Siding Contractors Downriver Michigan Calculate Siding 

In this article, you will learn quickly how professional siding contractors Downriver Michigan measure siding. This will place you on a better chance of budget estimate and installation of quality siding you will be satisfied with.

Steps to Learning How to Measure Siding

Discovering how to calculate a house’s siding will let you know how much investment would be needed for the project. First of all, you must know that siding is measured in squares. A unit of siding, one square, is equal to 100² feet. So, to measure accurately, you need to understand how to measure in square feet. Measuring in linear feet will help you get an accurate amount for trimming. 

Steps for Calculation for Measuring Wood Siding

  • Measure the width and height of both sides. Then for each side, multiply the width by the height to get the total square feet.
  • Measure other areas not added to the sides, such as the dormers, gables, etc., for triangular areas, begin measurement from the base of the triangle to the top, then multiply the number times the half of the base length.
  • Measure the width and height of the door, window, and other areas not covered by the siding. If you need clarification, account for 20 and 15 square feet for the doors and windows, respectively.
  • Sum up the square footage you measured for the sides of the house and other added areas.
  • Minus the uncovered areas’ square footage away from the total figure you calculated in step 4.
  • Now divide the number by 100. This will give you the number of squares of siding you will need to buy for your project.
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Professional Tip for Siding Measurement

Here are professional tips used by experienced siding installers. These tips will help to avoid mistakes and get the project done accurately, even if this is your first time. 

  • Add extra siding of 50-10% to account for any mistake. The extras can be used for repairs when called for or can be used as spacing tools and starter strips.
  • Make a list of all the materials you need for the siding project. The siding measurement will account for the costs of the siding. However, ensure you add accessories and trim to get the correct estimate.
  • For easy calculations, divide bigger areas into standard shapes. Begin with a triangular shape instead of calculating the area of an irregular shape. Then, take out a square portion, and so on, until you are done with the measurement. Try as much to stay put with the calculation you are convenient with. 
  • Repair doors and windows first so you don’t end up siding a damaged framework.
  • Use professional siding contractors Downriver Michigan to ensure every repair is done perfectly.


When you must have measured the siding installation, proceeding with the project needs a substrate. Only experienced siding contractors Downriver Michigan can provide great options for quicker and easier installation. Get a professional having the right set of tools to start your siding installation immediately after getting the right measurement for the siding needed to carry out the project.