Guides on Choosing Door Paint Color to give a Great Look

Guides on Choosing Door Paint Color to give a Great Look

The color of your exterior door can affect your house, and if you have a great exterior color that matches the color of the door, your home will be the talk of the town. When it comes to color selection and combination, many homeowners find it difficult because it’s a huge work for those that don’t know much about colors. There are some factors that need to consider which can help your decision. However, let’s look into some hacks that are good for choosing colors that match your style with the help of a door contractor.

Home’s Architectural and Trends

No matter the architectural style of your home, be it modern or not, the color of your door must be appropriate with the color of the exterior paint of the house. You can contact a professional color consultant. Nevertheless, a lot of paint manufacturers can provide you with collections of historically accurate colors that have worked for people; this could be the perfect springboard for your palette.

You don’t need to base your decision only on what people have done in the past or the pattern in your neighborhood. However, to follow and play well along with the trend, don’t let your final selection be far from theirs, but be unique in your way. If you still find it difficult to decide, consult your door contractor for help and quick turnaround.

Choose Door Color to Harmonize with What is Hard to Change

 You can choose your door color as well as the color of your exterior based on what you don’t plan to replace in a few years to come. For example; if you love the color of your shingles or tiles, you can make it your primary color. Then look for another set of colors that goes well with it as your secondary color(s). With that, you can decide the color of your sidings and doors. The goal here is to do things in a harmonious way to give a pleasant appeal to the eyes.

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Go for Different Color Shades

When it comes to color mixing, there are 3 major parts in the home’s exterior structure. We have the field color that dominates, accent color that gives life to the doors and other smaller areas, lastly the trim color that’s normally use for the door and window casing, railings, roof edging, and other trim.

However, the trim color has to contrast well with the field color. – though some people love to go for a monochromatic color pattern that has one or two colors only to create a modern look. But in the case of a dark hue, go for a classic white trim or another light shade. Going bold with accent colors is not a problem, but don’t overdo it. A door with lemon yellow or bright red door is a perfect accent color.


Choosing the color for an exterior door that goes well with other exterior elements is different from selecting colors for a room. You can’t afford to mess things up because it’s a huge task that you need to get right. Study your environment and understand the nature of your climatic conditions and don’t forget to hire a professional door contractor that has a great idea in color combination for a perfect job.