Guide to Measure Roofing Squares In Dearborn Michigan Roofing projects

Guide to Measure Roofing Squares In Dearborn Michigan Roofing projects

A roofing square is a measurement, though, it steers clear of square feet, meters, yards, or miles. This article is a simple guide to measure roofing squares in Dearborn Michigan roofing projects. A roofing square is ordinarily utilized by roofing companies and is generally equivalent to 100 square feet. This measurement doesn’t change whether it is a square of shingles or a square of canvas. This is because roofing squares are utilized to make calculating the cost of materials and labour simpler than if you needed to utilize square feet or yards. 

Who Uses Roofing Squares? 

The roofing square size type of measurement is just utilized within the roofing and construction industries. However, you can utilize the measurement yourself to attempt to calculate the cost of re-shingling your homes, such errands are typically best left to an experienced roofing contractor. Regardless of whether you believe in your capacity to determine the correct measure of materials required, there are as yet a couple of steps you should take before you attempt. 

Measuring Your Roof 

There are a couple of things to do before you even endeavour to measure your roof up. 

1. Ensure you’re secure

Before you begin trying to take any kind of measurement you must find a ladder that is a good repair, and ensure it is secure so there is no risk of you falling off in transit up to the roof. Once on the roof, you should be wearing shoes with proper PPE. 

2. Measure twice, order once

One of the greatest mistakes individuals make when attempting to measure is that they don’t measure carefully. This is particularly significant for the situation of ordering roofing materials, where mid-measurement can greatly increase your costs. 

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3. Calculate the square footage

Once you’ve figured out how to measure the length and width of your roof without falling off, next is to determine the square footage of your roof. To do this duplicate the length by the width, and you have the square footage of your roof! 

4. Roofing square to square feet value

This is maybe the least complex piece of the process. Divide the square footage by 100, for instance, if you had 1000 square feet of roofing required, you would require one square of roofing of material. 

Accounting for Pitch 

This is the most hazardous part of measuring your roof. We don’t recommend you do this without anyone’s help, call professionals. However, if you should, kindly ensure you follow the means to measure roofing squares in Dearborn Michigan roofing projects. 

Investigate your roof, and estimate the pitch at low medium, or high. 

Spot the level at the pinnacle of your roof, ensure the bubble is in the centre and afterwards take your tape measure and measure the distance between the finish of the level and your roof. 

Presently using your prior estimate, duplicate your measurement using the numbers that follow: 

  • High-1.36 
  • Medium-1.185 
  • Low-1.07 


Well there you are, you presently know what a roofing square is and how to measure them. Simply remember that in case you are at all dicey of your capacities, it is in every case unequivocally recommended to leave these things to the professionals. They have more experience with the guide To measure roofing squares In Dearborn Michigan roofing projects.