Getting your Insurance Company to Pay for Roof Replacement

Getting your Insurance Company to Pay for Roof Replacement

Some homeowners who have gone through the stress of home leakage and have tried to get their claim approved by the insurance company will know that it is usually not easy to get a claim paid.

Then, what way would you take to make your insurance company replace your bad roof? The only solution is a mix of preparation, documentation, information, and getting an expert roofing contractor to work for you.

Know what your insurance coverage involves

Knowledge is power. Never allow your insurance company to tell you what is in your insurance coverage; instead, know what it entails yourself. In case you have no copy of the insurance policy, it is simple, ask for one from your agent. An electronic file or paper copy would be made ready quickly.

Mostly, we have two kinds of coverage: which are Replacement coverage and repair coverage.

The most common or regular one is replacement policies, but they are high in price. Replacement coverage permits the roof to be changed to a brand new condition anytime something on the insurance policy happens.

Read your policy carefully. If the language is confusing, ask questions. It would be best if you contact any of these two professionals:

  1. Your agent – when you and your roofing contractor have a reliable relationship, and you trust him very well; he will be able to clearly and honestly tell you all about your coverage. It’s his job.
  2. Roofing contractor: Talk to a roofing contractor that has so much experience with insurance claims. Get two or three experts, relate the issue with them, and seek advice. Most roofers will give a good evaluation of your policy, knowing that the homeowners will be happy to give them more jobs next time because they also sacrifice for the homeowners.
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Step One

Get a good roofing contractor; if you did not do this at the first step, now is the time, and your best ally in a fight over roof repair is to get a licensed roofing contractor, not an attorney. And be sure they have:

  • Experience in dealing with insurance claims
  • A stellar reputation

Step Two

Within 30 days, issue a claim with your homeowners’ insurance – not claiming on time may lead to claim denial. That’s why most states demand homeowners to claim within 30-60 days.

If there are many claims, the more quickly you file your paperwork, the more quickly you get your claim worked on.

Step Three

Privately Do Your Roof Inspection And Record The Damage

Insurance companies always verify claims for roof replacement and repair. To be sure that it was a storm that caused the roof leakage.

To confirm this, an adjuster that works with the insurance company will be sent to check the roof. If the storm damage is widespread, independent inspectors will come in to treat the load of claims.

These independent inspectors are brought in and paid by the insurance company to favor the insurance company by finding reasons why your claim isn’t real and should not get paid.

Step Four

Collect a concrete report from an independent roofing contractor with a written estimate from the roofing contractor that controls the situation, then know the cause and extent of the damage to the rest of the roof. No matter the amount you spend on this, as much as it results in you getting your claim paid, then it’s money well spent. Especially when you have an authentic contractor’s report, it will be the word of an inspector against a roofer at the court or arbitration.

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