Flat Roof Is Not an Option If You Want to Install a New Roof in 2020

Flat Roof Is Not an Option If You Want to Install a New Roof in 2019

It’s a new year filled with many resolutions and plans to improve life, home, business, jobs and lot more. However, if you had it in a plan to improve your home in 2019, installing a flat roof is not an option at all. I will prove the reason why you should not install a flat roof on your house.

Installing a new roof is a great investment for your home if you experienced serious roof damage last year or you plan to own a house this year 2019. Thus, hiring an expert in roofing industry is most important. But how do we choose the right roofing contractor? This logical question has a straight forward answer if you read my previous article. For example, if you reside in Northville Michigan, hire a team of a roofing contractor in Northville Michigan to construct and improve the durability, appearance, and value of your home.

In summary, roofing Northville Michigan can be done best by the contractors that live in the locality since that’s their base. When you replace your old roof, you’re opened to verities of advantages your carelessness has deprived you, get your dream roof, as well as meeting the new trend. You will have durable shingles and other latest roofing materials that are made to withstand any harsh weather. The benefits of a new roof in 2019 cannot be overemphasized, let me tell you some of it so that you can add a new roof to your new year resolution if you never do it.

It Gives More Protection

Having a new roof will make your roofing system stronger and edge you against some elements that are strong enough to damage your roof and properties. The moment your existing roof start giving deterioration signs and about wear out, it will be weak to withstand UV radiation, wind, rain, and other environmental elements. If you ignore the condition of the roof, your properties will suffer from water damage as well as other structural problems. A new roof will give your home and properties better protection against dangerous elements.

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Moreover, a new roof will improve the structural integrity of your roofing system and provide adequate safety during the storm and other unexpected events. Where a new roof stands strong, an old roof will collapse and experience several safety problems.

It Can Be Maintain Easily

It is self-explanatory. An old roof needs regular maintenance to sustain its safety and structural integrity while a new roof can be easily maintained throughout the seasons and give the required protection without stress. More so, you can set a maintenance plan to keep the superior condition and avoid making the same mistakes you made with the old roof.

Why Flat Roof is Not an Option for New Roof in 2019

In Northville Michigan, flat roofs are commonly used for commercial buildings. If you have a flat roof installed of your building, it is best to talk to a roofing contractor in Northville Michigan about the most common issues you encounter with your flat roof and get them solved or you re-roof. While maintenance problems can be correct quickly with a sloped roof, it will be a thorough thing with a flat roof.

However, if you regularly check your roofing material’s condition, you can keep the structural integrity of your flat roof. Let me reveal to you some problems that are common with flat roofs.

Flat Roof Leaks Quick

Where slope roofs will resist rain and still be in good condition, a flat roof will leak. Flat roofs are parallel to the ground; therefore, they can naturally collect rain water and runoff. To prevent leaks of your flat roof, contact a local roofing contractor for an annual inspection to quickly detect the weak areas and fix them before they start leaking.

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Buckled Membrane

Asphalt membrane is used to seal most of the flat roofs. Membrane protects the roof from water damage and UV radiation. Down the line, the membrane of the roof will start to buckle; thus, it is essential to contact a professional roofing contractor at your locality to fix the buckled on your roof.

Standing pools of water is another problem associated with flat roofs. After a heavy rainstorm, a flat roof may store a pool of water on its surface, and after a long time, it will damage the roof and create leaks. However, the drainage system can be created to eliminate the pool of water from the surface naturally. You can reduce the cost of significant repair by keep standing water away from the surface of your flat roof.