Factors That Makes Double Hung Replacement Windows Unique Compared To Single Hung

Factors That Makes Double Hung Replacement Windows Unique Compared To Single Hung

There has always been an argument regarding the authenticity of the belief that double-hung windows are best compared to single hung windows. Some people wouldn’t mind getting one as a replacement window when they are beginning to get tired of their single-hung window. Below are some factors that might change your view about double-hung windows.


It is an undeniable fact that single hung replacement windows are always less expensive compared to the double-hung windows because their top sash doesn’t require the use of an operating mechanism like that of double-hung windows. But are they more functional than double-hung replacement windows? This is a question you need to answer before making a choice that might not work for you later.

Energy efficiency

Compared to the double-hung window, the energy efficiency of the single hung window is highly dependent on the selected glass type. Windows whose sash contains foam insulation just as the frame seems to possess more energy efficiency compared to those that don’t. It is necessary to put this into consideration when deciding between a double-hung window and a single hung window.

Air infiltration

You can’t deny the visible reality that cooling and heating your home is becoming more expensive daily, and your window plays an essential part in helping you reduce the cost. Most double-hung replacement windows are designed and well packed with both air and water barriers coupled with about two strips of weather stripping around the sash perimeter.

Double-hung windows always give room for more ventilation compared to the single hung windows because you can open it two ways and not just a one-way opening.

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Two sashes that can be lifted

When it comes to single-hung windows, only the bottom sash can be raised. This makes it challenging to maintain it when it comes to cleaning. The top sash is always difficult to clean, but when it comes to double-hung windows, you have the liberty of opening both sashes that can move up and down quickly. The advantage of this feature is that you would be able to clean both the top sash and the bottom sash easily.


Everyone has a different choice regarding choosing a replacement window, but what would never change is the reality of the property of the replacement window you are choosing. It can either serve you well or make you unhappy in the end.