Do you know What You Should Do Before Roofing Contractors Canton MI Arrive?

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Everyone loves to have a good and appealing home. Having a health roofing system, nice looking sidings, and decent windows is the joy of every homeowner in Canton Michigan. We all love to see things perfect in our way; thus, we cannot achieve perfect things not for free, they are at a specific cost. However, do you know that you can do some basic tasks to get your roof prepared for repair and improvement before the roofing contractor Canton Mi arrive? It wouldn’t only reduce cost, but it will save some time.

Our roof is one of the exterior parts of the house and open to many killing factors that affect its health. Roofing systems in Canton Mi are under the threat of natural elements like the hailstorm and heavy rain as they can cause immense damage to them. Although we are told to invite a roofing contractor for inspection and suggestions immediately when we notice the roof has been compromised, but you can still do some roof inspections yourself before roofing contractor comes.

Some roofing contractors in Canton Michigan do free roof inspection while some other professional charge for such service. Either of the ways, the bottom line is to get the full details of what the roofing problem looks like exactly and get it fixed. However, you can do some inspection yourself as well as a temporary repair before the professionals arrive. In this article, we shall give the breakdown of what you should do before the arrival of the roofing contractor Canton Mi.


Check the Roof Caulks

The roof Caulks can be damage harshly by hailstorms or rainstorms, but when it comes to rain showers, it can endure the moment and hold the shingles to the flashing of the roof. Weakened and cracked caulks will dispatch the shingles, and we shouldn’t leave it in such way till it escalates to another big problem through rainstorm before we rectify it.

Therefore, you can check the caulks on the flashing of the roof and repair them if you see and creaked ones, however, you can DIY the roof repair by re-caulking. Thus, if the cracks are beyond your control, note it down or even take the picture and contact your roofing contract for permanent repair.

To avoid roof leak, look for where caulks are damage and re-caulk them where necessary. Moreover, use a putty knife to remove the old and loosened caulks as well as those that have deteriorated or damaged so that the new caulks can bond to the roof or flashing surface.

Inspect the Flashing

Flashing is the water-resistant material (Galvanized steel or aluminum) used on the joints in the roof to prevent water from seeping in and managing the roofing system and causing roof leak.

Flashing can endure moisture and continuously protect water from penetrating, but at a certain point in time, it will suffer from some micro-ponding after every rainstorm. However, as long as your roof get old, you will start seeing some rusted spots on the roof; thus, it must be repaired to avoid damaging the shingles and membrane under the flashing before the next rainstorm.

Without a flashing, rainwater would quickly run down the chimney and some areas of the roof and penetrate the interior of the house. Therefore, if you have some basic roofing experience, you can take the courage to check before inviting the roofing contractor in Canton Michigan for roof repair.

Repaint Your Metal Roof

Metal roofing system can last long if they are maintained. One the feature which makes metal roof stay longer than other roofs is that the protective coating on them helps to reflect UV rays to enhance the insulation of the properties and decrease the moisture that can infuse its surface.

The metal roof can last for 70 years. However, sleets with sharp edges always peel this paint on the surface of the metal roof, and metal roofs that are older and exposed to several temperatures will show the same sign.

Check if The Shingles and Membranes are Intact

Snow can cause a crack to the roof shingle when it fell at a high velocity. The shapes of hailstone differ, but they usually have sharp edges which can crack or blister shingles.

Once you noted that the shingles have cracked, missing, or blistered, take note of those areas before your roofing contractor arrive.

However, if the missing or cracked shingles are not many, you can DIY (Do It Yourself) the roof repair by replacing them. On the other hand, if the blistered or cracked shingles are many, the service of a professional roofing contractor Canton Michigan is needed for a perfect solution.

Check if the Pipe Collars are in Good Condition

Collars are around the plumbing pipes which protrude through the surface of the roofs. Vent pipe collars consist of a metal base that is usually made from aluminum or a strong EPDM (EPDM in roofing means – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber which is integrated to the top of the collar. It is the same material that is used for the roof membrane.

The same material is usually used by roofing contractors to add a strong airtight seal around the vent’s surface. However, if you reside in Canton Michigan where a strong storm is experienced, the rubber material can be damaged by the strong storms, and the pipe collar can worn-out; thus, the service of a professional roofing contractor Canton Michigan needs ASAP.

Inspect the Roof Membrane

The membrane is under the shingle of the roof. It is typically used on roofs that are almost flat or flat. It moves water off the roof and prevents leaks. Roofing Membrane is under the threat of algae, fungi, and mold as they can damage it. Therefore, once you observe these kinds of lifeforms in the membrane, quickly find how to eliminate them because they can eat away the wooden shingles which will affect the structural integrity of your roofing system.


These are some of the basic roof repairs you can do yourself before your roofing contractor arrive. For a recap, the DIY repairs are, re-shingling, re-caulking, applying a chemical to kill mold, algae, or fungi on your membrane, inspecting the flashing and other.

Moreover, if you live in Canton Mi, ensure that you look for a qualified, licensed and insured roofing contractor in Canton Michigan for quality roof repair and permanent solution. Be also inquisitive when hiring a roofer, ask for their previous clients, check the review and ask for other relevant questions. I wish you the best of luck with your roofing system.

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