Dangers of Not Hiring Local Roofing Contractors in Canton Michigan

Dangers of Not Hiring Local Roofing Contractors in Canton Michigan

As soon as a roof goes bad, the next thing that comes to mind is how to get it fixed. For the sake of being in haste, a homeowner may not hire any of the local roofing contractors in Canton Michigan. Any contractor hired could be one of the out-of-town roofers, posing several dangers to homeowners. First, getting the job done quickly could cost the homeowner a lot. Hiring an out-of-town roofer could lead you into any of these issues listed in the following paragraph.

Why You Need Local Roofing Contractors in Canton Michigan, and Not Out-Of-Town Roofers

Here are reasons expert roofers warn against hiring out-of-town roofers for your roofing projects.

1. Smart Sales Tricks

Most out-of-town roofers come to homeowners without any prior arrangement or after a booked consultation. Then, they present cheap estimates or deals to the homeowners to entice them into signing a contract with them instantly. Unfortunately, many homeowners have fallen victims to this cheap trick. Unfortunately, many will still fall prey to this same old tactic because most homeowners only replace their roofs probably once or twice in their life. So they are not experienced in detecting crafty roofers.

2. Leave Town After a Storm 

Out-of-town roofers evade a community after terrible a terrible storm has hit it. They charge the homeowners to fix their roofs and then disappear into thin air. In cases like this, when issues arise with the roofing system, the roofer will not be found to fix the bad work they’ve done. They would be out of town by the time you need them most. Only a local roofing contractor can be reached in a situation like this. 

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3. Zero Insurance

Most of these roofers’ out-of-town roofers use outdated or no insurance at all. This means the homeowner would be held responsible if there is an accident case on the working site. This could lead to spending unnecessarily.

4. Exorbitant Prices Lesser Value

An out-of-town roofer will always try to get your roof repairs done at a cheaper price than a local contractor. However, a local contractor will offer you value and use high-quality materials. This will make your roof last longer and without any issues for years to come. However, if an out-of-town roofer gets so expensive, they will still use less quality roofing materials because they are sure you cannot trace them when there is an issue with the roof installation.

5. Senate Bill 101

In May 2011, Senate Bill 101 was passed. It states that a contractor cannot promise to pay you deductibles or provide a discount to offset your deductible. This tactic is common for out-of-town roofers. It should be noted that this law is supposed to protect the homeowner from storm chasers. Notwithstanding, getting into a contract on this term could mean committing a crime.


Conclusively, roofers that do not have any trace in the locality often ask for a down payment, and then when they get it, they vanish and do not come back for your roof repair or replacement. Aside from running off with your down payment, working with a roofer that is not within your locality means boosting the economy of other locality. A good resident must be able to, directly and indirectly, boost the locality’s economy. So, hiring local roofing contractors in Canton Michigan, is recommended. Do not risk the quality of your roofing system with cheap offers.

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