Roofing Siding water damage

Consequences of Long-Term Water Damage

Consequences of Long-Term Water Damage

Water damages in Downriver Mi range from short to long term. Regardless of the cause of the water damages which could be broken pipe, sewer backup, flood, etc. The effect would be determined by how long you allow the water to stay before taking action against it. Let’s consider some of these effects.

Rotting Wood Damage

Before wood can start having problems due to water damages, it must have soaked the water up for a very long period without any action to stop it. The presence of water in the wood would make it a conducive environment for fungi to breed quickly. There are several breeds of fungi that affect wood and also multiplies fast if nothing is done to upset the condition of their breeding environment. The wood begins to damage easily, and the damages would spread quickly to other good woods within a short while.

This would affect every structure relying on the wood in the house. A possible situation of structural collapse might take place faster than imagined. The worst part is the possibility of the structure causing the death of the occupant of the house. It is advisable to take fast action by preventing further water from entering the wood and also using fungicides to kill those that are already present in the wood.

Concrete Damage

Whenever people see concrete, there is a belief that the structure can never be destroyed. This is far from the truth. Concrete is durable, but it is not indestructible. Water has a way of getting into the concrete through erosion and flood. When things like this happen, the water causes both interior and exterior damages. The internal damage results from water moving up the concrete to affect the underneath of your carpet and rug. It also weakens the concrete and endangers the structure standing on it.

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The house won’t only be cold. It might start having an unpleasant odor that would make the home unhealthy for the people inside it.

When nothing is done to prevent further weakening of the concrete, the house becomes a death trap for the people living inside the house and visitors. It could collapse any moment and cause the death of people inside and around it.

Mold Damage

Mold is one of the fastest-growing organism whenever there is a flood issue. Regardless of the type of water causing the flood, mold begins to grow almost immediately because the environment becomes moist enough to support it. Water that finds its way into cracks, crevices, and places such as underneath the carpet creates a perfect colony for the growth of mold.

Its growth continues and spread all over the places and destroys everything it touches. This would continue until something is done to evacuate the water from the environment. It is essential to understand that getting rid of the water is not the final action. You need to stop its growth through treatment using fungicides or by requesting the services of a professional around you in Downriver Mi to do it.