Common Mistakes Roofing Contractors Would Never Tell You About

Common Mistakes Roofing Contractors Would Never Tell You About

Everyone sees roofing contractors as experts, and some people even believe they are far above mistakes, which is impossible. Several errors are sometimes embarrassing, but roofing contractors would never want you to know about it. These mistakes could either cost much or little. Let’s look at them together.

Incorrect shingle nails usage

Do you know roofing systems that use nail have guidelines for nail sizes and usage? Most roofing contractors(amateurs) don’t even know it, so it might not be very easy for you to realize it. Common mistakes such as using nails that are either too long or too short or nails without barbed shanks could harm your roof and even cause you to lose the insurance on your roof.

Roofing shingles mismatch

It is a mistake that is common with roofing contractors that use the services of multiple dealers. When they take supplies from them at the same time, the tendency is high that they could mismatch the shingles during the process of trying to get the roofing done. If you don’t intend falling victim to a roofing contractor that could make this costly mistake, ensure you only patronize those that get supplies from a single source.

Improper starter shingles

It is a common mistake with both DIY fans and roofing contractors with less experience in the industry. They could easily forget to lay the starters section of the shingles along with the eves. It has the repercussion of making it easier for water to get to the roof deck through the cutouts available at the shingle’s bottom.

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Wrong roof slope

The material you are using for the roofing process has to suit the slope of the roof perfectly if there won’t be any structural defect that would result in the situation of water penetration.

Abandoning the attic

The roof doesn’t stand on its own. It has several compartments which have to be appropriately put in place. One of the common mistakes with roofing contractors is forgetting to put the attic in a proper position, which could lead to a severe ventilation issue. The situation sometimes becomes worst, and you are faced with premature wearing out of the roof due to the building up of moisture over time.

Roof gutter sag

The importance of roof gutters can never be overemphasized. It helps to convey water away from the roof, which allows the roof to last longer. There is a common mistake of installing it too low or not giving it a sufficient slope. It won’t be noticeable initially, and the roofing contractor might not want to tell you anything about it. Nevertheless, it would later become evident because it would allow water to flow into the structure when it starts backing up or overflowing.