Common Legal Issues and Concerns for Roofing Contractors

Common Legal Issues and Concerns for Roofing Contractors

Roofing construction or installation can be delicate in most cases. This article serves as an eye-opener to both residential roofing contractors and homeowners. At the end of this article as a homeowner, you should be able to know what to look out for in case of legal issues relating to roofing projects. At the same time, roofers should be able to track down avoidable mistakes that could lead to legal complications. 

Of all the possible construction projects defects, roofing has its equal share of litigation. Roofing defects are one of the construction defects seen in construction litigation cases. One of the turndowns is that there are some of these cases that are difficult to detect on time. These kinds of hidden cases can only be noticed when the roof starts showing some defects. Still, based on the defect, the signs of the problem may not be seen until serious damage takes place.

We would discuss some of these common roofing issues that could lead to litigation, share more light on how they occur and how you can keep yourself safe as a property owner or roofing contractor. 

Protecting Yourself as a Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractors have a major role to play in protecting themselves from litigation. The main point in this subject matter is doing the job right. Don’t try rushing or skimp on anything. Don’t jump or ignore any step, and take full precautions during work. 

Get Ready for the Job

Always prepare ahead and make proper measurements. Also, make sure that you order enough materials for any of your roofing projects. 

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Adhere Strictly to Manufacturer’s Recommended Guidelines

Failure to abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines can lead to early roofing issues and void the homeowners’ warranty. 

Properly Manage and Instruct Your Workers on Site

Teach and instruct your crew to a high standard. Caution them to be respectful to homeowners and carefully train them on the latest installation strategies and techniques.

Protect Yourself

Make sure your licensing and insurance documents are up to date and complete. Carry them along with you in case of sudden checkups. 

Protecting Yourself as a Homeowner

Homeowners also have their parts to play in roof maintenance. Make advance research on your own to help you protect yourself from scams and roofing installation issues. It will be okay if you don’t have to chase your contractor for a warranty claim or breach of contract. 

Maintain Your Roof

Frequent inspections will help to detect smaller issues before they become big and serious to handle.

Do In-depth Research Before Hiring a Roofer

Always hire the roofer you can trust. Maintain a permanent roofing company in Canton Michigan and don’t jump from one contractor to the other. This will help you easily track down the roofer in case of any issue. Deal only with licensed and insured roofers. Ask for workmanship warranties and their experience. Also, locate their office.


Always make sure that you make use of a roofing contractor with a physical office. The roofing industry is packed with hungry contractors who show up after a storm, do a quick poor job and vanish into thin air so making it hard for you to trace them for a warranty claim.