Checking The Integrity of a Roofing Material

Although it was advised in some of our posts that the best method for buying roofing materials is through the use of a roofing contractor with a profound reputation near you. Because they have experience with the materials and can easily differentiate between that which is fake and that which is original. However, we have put this together primarily to help you avoid the horrible situation of buying a fake roofing material just in case you believe it is best for you to buy your roofing materials all by yourself for reasons best known to you. In this article, I will be explaining to you primarily how to differentiate between fake and original shingle materials because of the critical role shingles play when it comes to the durability of your roof.

Genuine Shingle

Before we proceed into talking about how to spot which shingle is fake and which one is original, it is essential to outline the apparent fact that the very reason why people fall the victim of counterfeit shingle, is price. It is incredible to get the best quality at affordable prices, but it is vital for you to know that the amount for best materials cannot be reduced below some certain margin. Because at that point, you are already asking the seller to let go of every profit available and even lose some of his/her money trying to make you happy. Be wise with your pricing.

Let’s start by checking the weight. The weight of counterfeit materials is considerably lower than that of the original material. The standard weight of a genuine shingle is about 80 pounds while that of a fake product weighs 50 and below. This might not be easily detectable by looking at the material but trying to carry it can give you a clue of the type of material you are about to buy.

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Every location has a body responsible for the verification of the roofing product. Knowing that Chinese products are mostly counterfeit products, it is advisable to check if the shingle is stamped with the CSA approved seal on it. If you can’t find any, you are about to buy a material that will make you cry.

After telling you about the price of roofing material and the possible effect it can have on the integrity of the material, I would advise you compare prices before making a purchase. Doing this is easier than you think. All that is required of you is to consult two to three merchants to verify how much they sell their roofing materials. If the margin is too broad, that means something is different about the material you are buying.

Hopefully, these tips would help you buy the best possible products for your homes. It is essential to be truthful to yourself about this whole process. If you can’t do it yourself, do well to get the service of an agent.