Certain Issues with Roof Shingles Livonia That Should Be Noted

Certain Issues with Roof Shingles Livonia That Should Be Noted

It’s nothing unexpected that asphalt shingles are the most well-known residential roofing material. In addition to the fact that shingles are efficient, they’re not difficult to install and adjust to the conventional look of the neighbourhoods. There are some issues with this material that you might look into during your roof’s span. In this way, before you settle on your buying choice, read about certain issues with roof shingles Livonia that should be noted. 

1. Blistering 

The most widely recognized asphalt shingle issue that roofing contractors Livonia Michigan are frequently called on to fix is blistering. Blistering happens when moisture caught within the shingle grows and pops through the surface exposing a spot on the roof. More often, blistering could happen during the summer months. 

When moisture advances into the shingle during the assembling process, it may lead to blistering. For more understanding, shingles comprise of three principal layers: A fibreglass backing, a coating of asphalt, and the granules on the top. If moisture by one way or another pushes between any of these layers, blistering could take place.

Another cause for blistering is poor ventilation of the roof that leads to trapped moisture. Poor ventilation is the reason for some shingle roofing issues. Therefore, roofing experts recommended that contractors install shingles to allow sufficient ventilation and airflow. 

Blistering uncovered your roof, decking, and property to the weather. This exposure could trigger leaking and untimely disappointment of the roof system. That’s the reason it’s basic to address any blistering spots as soon as possible. Also, blistering can at times looks like hail damage on your roof. In any case, most contractors or roofing repair experts can differentiate and give the best repair.

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2. Granule Loss 

The granules added to the top layer of a shingle are finely squashed stones or ceramics with pigment (natural and in-natural sorts) applied to them. Notwithstanding the shading that granules give, serve as a protective barrier to guard the existence of the shingle roof. 

All shingle roofs will encounter some degree of granule loss over the long run due to weathering and exposure. Notwithstanding, if an enormous number of granules are in your gutter, or specific spots of your roof are missing critical granules, any of the following could be the cause:

  • The asphalt in the center layer was not applied equally through the shingle and has made an adhesion issue. 
  • The roof overheated, melted the asphalt and caused granule loss. 
  • The roof isn’t well ventilated, so there’s an issue in the property, the attic space, the insulation, or beyond. 
  • If granules fall off at a high rate and there is a delay in fixing, it can prompt clogged or obstructed gutters, by and large, UV damage to the uncovered shingle, leaking, or roof disappointment. 

3. Missing Shingles 

Since shingles are installed piece by piece, it’s feasible for singular shingles to come off the roof. 

This can occur for some reasons, including: 

  • A strong wind lifted the edge of the shingle and disengaged it. 
  • Something affected or hit the roof and made the shingle disengage. 
  • The sealing on the rear of the shingle is broken/fragile. 
  • The shingle was installed at a low temperature, and the seal couldn’t adhere securely.
  • The seal was never appropriately installed on the right spot. 
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At the point when a shingle comes off your roof, it’s best to get that repaired and supplanted straightaway. Not fixing it can leave your home inviting to the weather for an all-encompassing timeframe and add more issues on top of the missing shingle.


There are so many other issues with roof shingles Livonia that should be noted. However, when these issues are spotted out, it is important to fix them immediately. Always deal with an expert roof repairer to avoid further damage to your roofing system.