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Categories of Water Damage and Their Effect On Restoration

Categories of Water Damage and Their Effect On Restoration

Contrary to what people think about water damage in Downriver Mi as a single action that calls for restoration, which depends on the level of severity of it, there are several levels of damages with different effects. The damage categories greatly influence the amount of money needed for the restoration process of damages by water. This article is focused on exposing you to these types of disasters and the possible effect of it.

Category one

The water resulting from this category comes from clean and sanitary source only. These are primarily water lines, faucets, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, and lots more. This particular water has no significant effect on the health of the occupants because the water doesn’t contain any germ that could result in life-threatening disease. Nevertheless, it is essential to act fast by getting rid of the water because it could lead to category two, which would be a threat to health.

This could lead to the damages of materials such as electronic that has a low ability to withstand the presence of water. It would also cause other properties such as chairs, which could soak water and foodstuffs to get spoilt quickly. It is advisable to take a fast action concerning the damages before it becomes too severe and take more money from you than expected. The money required to fix the damages caused by category one is always small compared to other categories/classes.

Category two

This category of damage is caused by contaminated water that carries some level of disease, which could affect the health of the people in the house in diverse manners. This water damage could start with clean water. It happens when you leave your home or building without taking actions after it has undergone some level of degradation by freshwater. This could also result from a direct source such as dishwashers, washing machines, dirty toilet, and the likes.

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The waters coming from this source already carries germs that would harm the people in the house if there is no fast and proper restoration. Damage or damages resulting from this source could be beyond your skills to resolve as the owner of the house. The reason is because of the health repercussions if appropriate safety measure is delayed longer than it should.

The damages caused by this type of water would require more money to repair because it goes beyond cleaning the water and trying to fix all the damaged properties. It requires medical actions to sanitize the house and prevent people from becoming health victims after a successful cleaning process.

Category three

The damages caused by this category is the most dangerous of all. It comes from unsanitary water which contains hazardous contaminants that are not only life-threatening but could cause terminal diseases and sometimes could result in death. The damages caused by this water requires immediate action because of its effects. Sewer backup, toilet overflow, flood, and stagnant water are the primary causes of this type of damage.