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Beware of Common Scams by Landscapers & Landscaping Companies in Downriver MI. 

Beware of Common Scams by Landscapers & Landscaping Companies in Downriver MI.

As a busy homeowner, you may plan to hire a landscaper to take care of your property. However, before you hire anyone, are you aware of common scams by landscapers and landscaping companies in Downriver MI.? Of course, most homeowners like you tend to hire a professional landscaping company to handle their lawn or landscape. So before you hire any company or individual, be sure that some contractors are out there to scam and get away with your money. Here are a set of things to watch out for before you hire any landscaper.

Scam Tricks by Claimed Landscapers and Landscaping Companies in Downriver MI.

These claimed landscapers and landscaping companies in Downriver MI., are intelligent. They have several ways to catch their victims. Always be conscious of what you are doing. Here are tips to help you from falling victim to these scammers.

1. Never Give in to Pressure

Some claimed landscaping companies would point out several flaws in your lawn and pressure you to see the need for hiring them urgently for unnecessary improvements. They would try to brainwash you to accept a specific price, with the trick that the price may go up soon if you do not accept their quote. Never give in to unnecessary pressures. Whenever you encounter this, know that they are scammers.

2. Do Not Hire Unknown Landscapers or Landscaping Companies

There are genuine companies who are just starting a business for sure. However, if you are careful enough, you will notice some fraudsters pretending to be who they are not. Always request for proper identification, and see their portfolio. Honest landscaping contractors or companies would gladly show you all you need to know.

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3. Request for Referrals

 Landscaping with good reputations will not find it challenging to share contacts of customers they worked for recently. They will be happy to give you one. This indicates that they are reliable and can be trusted. A scam or company with bad names will never reveal any of their previous clients. They would give you a series of flimsy excuses as to why they cannot give any reference. Your friends, neighbors, or colleagues are other channels you can reach out for referrals. 

4. Do Not Pay A Dime Without A Signed Paperwork

Do not accept to pay in full or make any payment without signed paperwork or documents. Even if the company offers a discount for you to skip the paperwork, do not fall for it. Chances are that they would vanish into thin air once they get your payment. These are dirty tricks that scam landscaping companies use to get their victims. Make sure you verify their claims and get satisfied before working with them.


Scammers are seen in every industry. Therefore, the landscaping industry is not exempted. There are reliable local landscapers and landscaping companies in Downriver MI. It is well understood that your lawn is an essential part of your property. However, you should ensure not to give in to unnecessary pressures when hiring a landscaping contractor. Chances are that you could be negotiating with a scammer. Stay ahead of them with these few explained points, and get your money and time saved.